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20th March 2014 - 23rd Nov. 2015

Win/Mac/Linux (Premium)
Flash (F2P)
iOS (F2P)
Android (F2P)


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Premium:USD $14.99
GBP £9.99
F2P:Free, IAPs


Cardinal Quest 2 is a modern "lunchbreak roguelike" - a streamlined turn-based dungeon crawler that's easy to get into and can be played in bursts of minutes or hours. It's a quick, accessible game but still a murderously complex and lethal one, with procedurally generated levels and permadeath to keep players thinking and guessing.


Cardinal Quest 1 was designed by Ido Yehieli and released in 2011. Cardinal Quest 2 is an expanded sequel by new developer Ruari "randomnine" O'Sullivan. CQ2 was first released as a Free-To-Play title across Flash, iOS and Android and is now seeing a packaged premium release on Steam.


  • Turn-based Tactical Combat: Use skills, items and the environment to overcome your enemies. Reflexes won't save you in Cardinal Quest; you live or die (permanently) on your wits.
  • Choose Your Destiny: Each of the seven classes can be customised with a versatile talent tree. Your choices of items, weapons, skills and talents will define your strengths and weaknesses, shaped around both your personal preferences and the powers you find.
  • Let Me Take You On A Journey: The sequel brings a sense of plot and geography to the mix, with your adventure taking place across several distinct and procedurally-generated environments - each with their own unique flavour.
  • Music by Whitaker Trebella, composer behind the soundtracks for Velocispider and Casey's Contraptions.


Steam Launch Trailer (2015) YouTube

Game Mob iOS Preview YouTube

Awards & Recognition

    Cardinal Quest 2 has not received any awards or recognitions yet. Please check back later to see if things change.

    Selected Articles

      • "CQ2 is looking like it’ll be everything a good sequel should: bigger, deeper and more fun."
        - Gerrard Gibson Winter, Indie Game Magazine
      • "Given the sheer amount of potential gameplay to be had thanks to so many choices and random elements, it's one of the better deals I've seen in a while. If you like roguelikes, this is an easy decision."
        - Shaun Musgrave, TouchArcade

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      About randomnine

      "randomnine" is Ruari O'Sullivan, a British games developer who quit studio country in 2010 to independently overthrow classic game genres one by one.

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      Cardinal Quest 2 Credits

      Ruari O'Sullivan

      Ido Yehieli
      CQ1 Developer

      Whitaker Trebella

      John Attea
      Environment Artist

      Daisy Williams

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks