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  1. Wow!

    Great work with the improvements, love the cinematics. This was one I really enjoyed from the LD48 20, now I like it even more.

  2. Great game– I had a blast!
    Two things, though: I beat up 21 people at the ice rink but still didn’t get the relevant badge. Also, some hint regarding the big main badge would be greatly appreciated!

  3. @cjr: oops, sorry – it’s actually set as 25 😀 I’ll fix it to 20 ASAP!

    edit: I’ve now fixed it. It’s retroactive so you should have the badge now 🙂 If it doesn’t show up, force the Flash file to refresh.

  4. Got everything. I wish there’d been a badge for beating up 100 people in a single fight, though…

    Again, great game! Even after you’ve figured out the rhythm for how to best beat up people, it remains challenging (with large enough crowds).

  5. Amazing job I love this game and the arcade mode reminds me of a pixelated grand theft auto 😀

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  7. it’s frustrating to get “you did poorly” over and over with no explanation why or how to improve

  8. Great game!
    The ending credits cutscene immediately reminded me of Super Mario Land on Gameboy, which is awesome.

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  11. @animegamer4: It should be fine if you’re accessing through wootfu.com. Do you have some kind of ad/Flash blocker set up? Those might interfere.

    @Mokon: Yep 😀 The original ending track’s about twice as long, too. I’ll upload that when I put up the soundtrack.

    @dzu: Sorry, it’ll be online only for a few days to keep it exclusive here.

  12. I managed to play it once by clearing cache. But now it doesn’t seem to work and it also gives me the “wrong url” message. I suppose I shall wait for the downloadable version to play again, then…

    Great simple game, though. Just a step above mashing buttons worked out well.

  13. Your URL checker fails to work correctly. I”m here at http://wootfu.com/vigilance/, and yet it claims I am not.

    I understand the goal of not having flash works ripped off and posted on unresponsive sites, but the method you’ve used to try to control this seems worse. Now people can’t access it at all.

  14. OK! Thanks for the heads up, Leximancer. I’ve fixed the IE8/URL checker bug. Sorry about that! If you see it, please let me know what browser you’re using and I’ll get right on it 🙂

  15. A little sad you removed the portraits. Most people have a lot of trouble making good looking portraits, especially in low-res, but the one you had for Justine was damn well done!

    Overall it was quite short, but surprisingly never got repetitive considering all you do is mash two buttons.

    Could really, really go well with a hint for the main badge though. :p

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  17. hi to all wootfu.comers this is my first post and thought i would say a big hello to yous –
    thanks speak soon

  18. Great game!

    I’d like to know where I can download the song that plays when you select a stage in Arcade Mode? It’s very catchy

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  20. I dunno if it was inspired by 1984 (War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength)

  21. I Love these types of games please make more like this one and can the people have weapons that would make if more fun

  22. Where can I get a download of the theme that plays at night in the park in story mode?

  23. Choosing not to listen to my highly educated dad’s advice and attitude about money

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