Mar 23 2012


Okay, this week’s been a slow week for getting stuff done – besides some playtesting and bugfixing – so here’s some SCIENCE:

The Morningness-Eveningness Questionnaire

Everyone has a body clock. Right? Your body synchronises with the rising and setting of the sun, making you more alert and active at certain times of day and more tired, cold and confused at others.

Now, not everyone’s works the same. Some people tend towards “morning”, which means that their daily peak of physical and mental energy is early in the day and near when they naturally wake up. Such people tend to get up earlier than everyone else, go for runs at 6am, that sort of thing.

Then there are “evening” people. Their peak is in the evening, nearer sunset. They tend to stay up, work late into the night and feel like crap in the morning. I’m one. It has its advantages, but if you’re expected to be in an office by 9am, it can kinda suck 😀

Most people fall somewhere in the middle. Anyway, there are a few important things about this cycle and getting the best out of it:

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