Feb 15 2011


…I think. Please let me know if it works for you, as I haven’t had anyone test this one!

As ever, it’s up onĀ Beacon’s project page. (I’ll have to set up the sidebar project links tomorrow to keep that visible.)

The Linux build was easy after the Mac build – I lost some time to the case-sensitive filesystem but there wasn’t anything really odd to deal with. The only weird part is that Linux doesn’t seem to look in the local path for dynamically linked libraries, so you need to install the libraries required to your system or run a shell script that tells it to look for them locally, since I put them in the .tar.gz. I think it’ll work…

I also discovered today that my Mac build won’t work on OS X 10.5! It only works on OS X 10.6, and I think I’d need versions of SDL and possibly FMod that were compiled for OS X 10.5 in order to fix that. It’s unfortunate but I’m just not willing to put the time in to try and support the older OS. It’s an odd approach by Apple, making compiled code only work on the latest OS by default… I’m pretty sure my Windows build would run on Windows 98 or something, let alone something a mere two years old.

Anyway, so far Beacon’s been getting some great feedback (“a lovely bit of work” – RockPaperShotgun.com; “My god, this is beautiful” – an RPS commenter :D) and has already been downloaded by over 4500 people. It’s great to see so many people interested in small indie games by total unknowns. I’m feeling much more confident about trying to do this for a living now!

4 Comments on “LINUX BUILD DONE

  1. Linux build works beautifully. Sad about the little guy in the end. : ( I was hoping there’d be some fruit trees in there at least. : )

  2. Many thanks for the Linux build. Btw, the reason that Linux does not load libraries in the local path by default is due to security (since it is a multi-user system you as administrator does not want to acidentally execute a library put by another user just because you happened to be in the wrong path [the user could then upload an evil version of libc etc]).

  3. Thank you for the Linux build, it works perfectly – also, great game!
    You might want to add this line to top of the launcher though so it’ll launch correctly when executed from outside its path:
    cd “$(dirname “$(readlink -mn “$0″)”)/”

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