Feb 26 2011


is hard to come by! It’s something I suck at.

I have days when I get stuff done and days when I don’t. I’m new to this self-employed stuff and I haven’t quite got into the rhythm of working yet, I guess. Still, I poked Flash briefly earlier and figured out how to import images and blit them. Basic stuff, but these basic things like sprite rendering and sound – hell, and generally learning my way around HaXe and the Flash API – are what’s necessary for pulling a simple game engine together. I know there are simple engines out there already, flixel and FlashPunk and so on, but I reckon it’s a useful exercise for learning the language. It’s just four or five hours’ work, even if I’ve only done the first 30 minutes so far!

I actually have a book on motivation. Specifically, it’s about how to make yourself do the things you should but don’t really want to. I’ve never got round to reading it. 😛