Mar 01 2011



I finally broke out of this brutal X-Com addiction of the last few days and got back to work. I’ve been doing more Flash. For fun, I’ve ported Beacon’s astro-guy over, and then SNOW LEVEL. New Flash experiment below:

Click on it and muck about with WSAD. I’d never put crap like this online normally, but with Flash, it’s not like people have to download it or anything! I love that.

On the flipside, I’m not sure if I like HaXe/ActionScript much. They’re slightly less expressive than C++ and the tools and libraries are maybe a decade behind. Still, there’s enough here to work with.

…huh. I’ve got sounds, music, rendering and input handling figured out in Flash now. I guess I need to bolt a rudimentary engine together and start on a game, right?

4 Comments on “SNOW LEVEL.

  1. Nice! 😀
    Just spent a good few minutes messing around with the snow. Got any concept in mind for your next game?

  2. Yep! See my next post. Sorry it’s not a platformer, but I’m working on one of them too… just as a much bigger project 😀

  3. So how is the cross platform support with flash builds? is the flash build separate from the old school windows/mac/linux stuff?

  4. Yep, it’s totally different! I literally copy-pasted the astronaut’s movement code from C++ to HaXe, fixed all the syntax errors and rewrote the rendering/sound/input handling.

    AFAIK it’s pretty easy to put a Flash game online as a web app (obviously) or to release it as a standalone download for any of the desktop platforms, so it’s pretty groovy as portability goes. That said, I’d still rather use C++ for stuff that’s intended for download from the start.

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