Jun 22 2011


Have you been good?

Of course you have.

Have a Merit Badge.

Yes, I found time this evening to bodge achievements into Vigilance. I didn’t want to go crazy with these – a lot of Flash games get ridiculous, right? – so there are only nine. Some of them are quite tough though!

Feature creep continues, though I’m running out of large things to add! I’m considering a level select screen so you can play Arcade Mode on all the different backgrounds in the game. The disco level is cool, but I think people will object to the sheer garishness of the animated floor, and besides it gets a bit dull playing it over and over.

Just for fun, here’s my remaining todo list.

  • More NPC colour variations. Skin tone randomisation?
  • Change the ‘leave the park’ message at night to a big-font TARGET MET
  • Cutscenes: add reverb to the POWW sound
  • Finish ending cutscene background (detail bushes, add more trees)
  • Arcade mode: stop NPCs attacking after time expires
  • Title screen: redo input and fix graphics so title screen is totally mouse-driven
  • Arcade mode: add dancing animations for NPCs in disco
  • Arcade mode: add a “level select” screen and support alternative backgrounds
  • Remove debug keys.
  • Implement Playtomic analytics.
  • Secure and site-lock SWF.
  • ???
  • Profit!

I’m still primarily working on this new contract project, but Vigilance is still getting the occasional bit of love. And you know… that to-do list used to be a lot longer 🙂


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