Jun 27 2011


First off, here’s some music! I had to get up before 7am on Sunday, and then we had this heatwave… so I wrote a track about how mornings suck, and then there are attack robots.

– too goddamn early

Now. Where to?

This GPS is the level select screen for Vigilance’s arcade mode. Each stage has unique rules and its own high score.

Besides adding those new stages, I’ve also overhauled the title screen.

Title screen, which is now entirely mouse controlled:

It doesn’t have all that clutter until you’ve finished the story mode in the first place, but once you have – Arcade Mode, achievements, it’s all there.

Ice rink:

You can’t see it in a static screenshot, but on the ice rink the physics are – of course – slippery as heck. Knocking people over is easier, and they occasionally fall down for no reason. Of course… there’s nowhere to hide, and your own manoeuvrability is just as suspect.

I am now genuinely running out of stuff to add. This project isn’t ending in the same way Beacon did. I was comprehensively happy with Beacon when I released it, but as I approach releasing this game I just feel more reluctant to do so and worried that I’m missing some massive flaw. It’s probably because this game is so much larger in scope. I can’t contain the whole thing in my mind at once.

I guess I’ll just have to stop soon, cross off the few minor tweaks I haven’t got round to and start getting it out there. It’s a worrying prospect 😀


  1. your baby has to grow up sometime! Mine has be in the womb for 6 months!

  2. by the way nice track audio track. Can;t really figure out in what kinda game it would be useful in since it starts out so slow and switches up into another genre at the end.

  3. Yeah, it’s useless for games! Maybe a trailer? The sound’s appropriate, anyway, and that’s something I can use in new tracks.

    This game’s only been gestating for two months. It feels like a lot longer!

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