Jul 01 2011


Today’s quick Vigilance adventure was in analytics. Specifically, playtomic.

This is a very cool (free!) service for Flash, iOS and Unity games that lets you track how long people spend playing your game, how long they spend in each level, and so on. Apart from sheer engagement (how long people play the thing) the best use is of course to identify difficulty spikes  on various levels.

Then something else playtomic supports comes into action. You can set values on the server which your game will automatically load whenever it’s played, meaning you can instantly change the difficulty to balance out levels people are finding unwinnable. How cool is that?

Anyways, I’m implementing this stuff right now for Vigilance. Hopefully I won’t need it. I’d like to think I’m already balancing the game sensibly… but we’ll see!

2 Comments on “ANALYTICS

  1. i don’t know if I like people mucking around with my game while I;m playing it. Its almost like Capcom’s beat a game once deal.

  2. The game doesn’t take long to play through, so I doubt you’d see anything change in the process. 😀

    I guess the logical next step would be to add patch notes and such, but hopefully I won’t have to change stuff at all!

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