Aug 31 2011


Fear Is Vigilance went up a week ago. It’s now been played over 6,000 times, which is more downloads than Beacon got in that time! It’s shown up on RPS, in a PC Gamer roundup, on Reddit (hi Reddit!)…

Well, the real traffic to Flash games comes from people hitting Flash portals. I’m putting together a portal-friendly version of the game to send out shortly. It’ll have prominent links back to my site here, no sitelock, and I’ll probably put together a 10MB version as well for those portals who object to a larger file.

However you look at it, Vigilance is a commercial failure. I’m going to make a few hundred dollars from MochiAds, but that’s terrible money for a few months’ work. Still, it was a lot of fun to do, it was a valuable experiment, and seeing people enjoy it really does make it feel worthwhile. Thanks for playing and commenting – it makes all the difference 🙂

2 Comments on “SURFING THE WAVE

  1. I really enjoyed playing it when it was done in ludum dare, and re-enjoyed it again last week. I really like your art style and your music!

    If you could make a metroid style game, I would be your fanboy forever ;p

  2. Thanks david!

    There are a ton of indie Metroid-style games about already, so I think I did most of what I could along those lines with Beacon. But who knows! I don’t plan projects very far in advance 😀

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