Sep 05 2011


Right! I think I’ve got a plan. I am going to push on with Fight Back for now, but I’m not committing to making it a big thing just yet. Right now I’m going to focus on making it the best damn Flash game it can possibly be. I’ll keep my options open. In a few months from now, I can make the decision: either start work towards a big, shiny HD version for cash money, or ship it for Flash and move on. There’ll always be more projects to take up!

Not much else to report. At the moment I’m balancing some contract work with sorting out the portal versions of Vigilance. It’s a fair bit of work! I’m going all out with the various portals’ high score tables and so on. Who knows, right? I have to test the waters first to see if it’s worth doing next time…

I’ve also finally got Vigilance under 10MB, which is well overdue. Major lesson learned from all this: Flash games have to be small! It’s hard being a Flash developer and an audiophile 🙂