Sep 16 2011


Sam HaXe work’s all done! Well, apart from tidying up loose ends and submitting a patch to Sam HaXe-Open project, but that can wait. The result:

Yup! It now supports enough of the SWF format to import the Newgrounds API. I have the achievement system hooked up and everything.

It’s been weirdly nice doing something so technical. It feels like I’ve spent most of my work time this week tabbing between a hex editor, an SWF decompiler and the SWF specification PDF, manually decoding the bytestream in Notepad to sniff out I/O bugs… but it was fun, in a way. I’ll have to do a game project soon which is super complex to program and scratch that tech itch 😀

Getting that API to link properly was the hard part, so I’m already halfway through implementing it in Vigilance. Onward to next week, getting back to games development, and hopefully shipping this portals build!

3 Comments on “SAM HAXE’D

  1. I think it’s absolutely bloody insane that you did this, heh. Before I heard all that you actually had me thinking about switching to HaXe!

  2. super cool
    being a newbie haxe convert and addict, quickly realized this is one serious area that haxe lacks. some super helpful stuff man, can’t wait

  3. I do kinda regret working with HaXe instead of AS3, as far as just making Flash games is concerned. Still, I think there are upsides worth exploring, and I the downsides are hopefully getting smaller with the fixing and documenting I’ve been doing as I’ve hit ’em 😀

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