Oct 18 2011


Yup! I’m working on this now. It’s a snappy, graphical Roguelike – explore dungeon, get treasure, down potions, cast spells, kill monsters – but without all of the fiddling and inventory management of classics like NetHack, so it’s almost exclusively focused on kicking ass.

Cardinal Quest developer Ido Yehieli‘s hired myself and a couple other awesome guys to work on making this game leaner, faster, stronger and bigger than ever! You can look forward to some nice improvements to it shortly – more spells, lots more items, balancing and so on just for starters – plus iOS and Android versions if that’s your thing.

It’s normally $4.45, but right now it’s on offer and you can get the PC version for anything from $1 up. There’s an online demo here if you’re curious. đŸ™‚

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