Dec 02 2011


Cardinal Quest has been in it for a little while, with us fixing up little bugs like “the monsters don’t do any damage”. But we’re almost set! The next release, 1.2, is shaping up to be much more stable and polished than the last. If nothing major comes up it should go out some time this weekend. o_o

And it’ll be totally free!

After that it’s full steam ahead on the Deluxe, paid-for version. Here’s to a bigger, better roguelike; we’ll be announcing the plans for that soon after 1.2 goes live.

I’ll try and round this site out over the next few weeks. I’ve got a few old projects and minor things that could use a space somewhere, and I’ll be putting up my patch to Sam HaXe seeing as it’s no longer actively maintained. Right now I’m going to fix up a few super-minor bugs in CQ and keep testing 🙂