Jun 21 2012


Development’s been a bit heavy lately. The first major milestone’s coming up soon and I’ve been hammering away on some big, nasty tasks to try and get that done. The latest was porting the save system across from CQ1. Now, save systems that can save the game anywhere (not just at checkpoints) need to dig into just about everything in the game, so implementing one means methodically going over just about every gameplay feature and bit of game state in fine detail to make sure nothing’s been missed.

It was a right pain! That was about two days’ work, filling out multiple notepad pages to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Now it’s done, but I’ve got another dozen or so tasks around that size to get done for the milestone. I’m starting to wish I’d set up a simpler milestone before this one 🙂

Anyway, what with focusing so much on development, I haven’t had as much time for this blog as I’d like. Fortunately there’s material popping up about CQ2 elsewhere! Gerrard Winter did a cool double feature on CQ2 for Indie Games Mag covering where it’s at and where it’s headed. Check it out.

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