Jan 17 2013


It’s amazing how much time in game development can go on everything but game development. I’ve been using the time I’ve had left over the past week or two to sort out loose ends: minor features and persistent, lingering bugs.

The sort of bugs I’m talking about have been in there for months, uncaught, because they’re just so rare and difficult to ferret out. One which came up a lot but which I’d never been able to track down required you to be carrying five consumable items, drop one  to picking up a new item, drop that item to pick up a third item and then go try to pick up the first item again.

Another bug required you to charm a Conjuror, wait for the charmed Conjuror to summon an Elemental (which would also be charmed) and then attack the friendly Elemental with a spell. There is almost no reason you’d ever want to do this. 🙂

So I’ve been wandering through the codebase, fixing this stuff, while sorting out a few other minor things – like this Paladin class spell, which now has a unique skill type all of its own:

Another loose end tied up is acknowledgement of your chosen difficulty in game with shinier portrait borders:

I think that’s all the little issues out of the way. Over the next two weeks I’ll be working on big changes to Act 1 to get it into as close to a final state as possible. Here goes!