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  1. The only issue I’ve run into so far is that it can be difficult to tell the difference between “unexplored” and “fog of war”, but that’s just a screen brightness thing, not a problem with the game.

    Thanks for this transplant! I foresee it filling my periodic lulls when customers are few and far between.

  2. It’s awesome! I can play it on my phone! But the text size is too small, I can’t read everthing… But It’s still playable, don’t worry. Well, just waiting for updates! 😀
    (More acts! Differents skins unlockables with morale! more classes! endless mode! more! more! more fun!)

  3. I just realized: the mouseover tooltips are (obviously) not present, but there doesn’t seem to be another way of getting that information. Is this the case, or am I just missing the obvious like I sometimes do?

  4. Waited for this, played this on the train and had people ask about the game, watched my gf get 1 hit ko’d from a acid blob crit. The worth.

    For a game to seem so casual to me, its addicting. Just gotta wait for more content.

  5. Ok so the app is awesome, just some problems:

    -The text and tooltip is very small as people already said. Would be nice if there was a check next to the map showing I killed everything.
    -The swipe option should have green cardinal squares surrounding the character when your finger is on phone due to the fact a slightly downward swipe to the left can make you go down instead of left, making the tap feature safer.

    It would be nice if the game could screen rotate as it would actually making aiming directions simpler but I’ll watch where you’re heading lol.

  6. Even with the small text, the game is ruining the existence of boredom.

    Would be nice if job satisfaction could stack from multiple kills. 1.1 Hype!

  7. I have a important question:

    – Will we see a in-game library to see the official stats of every monster?

    Yes I know about the spreadsheet (and the dreaded wiki) but sometimes their data is not correct as every monster will have different health sometimes, for example every dark goblin can have either 2 to 4 health.
    The library would show the health range every monster can have and of course other stats, giving more strategic gameplay.

  8. Hey all!

    My apologies about the text size, it’s clearly something I should have paid more attention to when designing the mobile UI and I’m getting this complaint a bit with the Android version. I’ll see what I can fix. If you can email me screenshots of the worst bits it’ll help me spot if I’ve missed something 🙂

    Zengar: the magnifying glass at the top of the screen pops you into an Inspect mode where you can tap on things to bring up the tooltips. Hope that helps!

    Ryan: the iOS version has been out for a while and there’s an update to 1.04 is in Apple’s queue now. I think that’s usually a week or two.

    Muscle: I’d love to add a monster compendium! It depends if the game does okay, honestly. There’s a ton more stuff I’d like to add first that a spreadsheet/wiki can’t cover.

    knosh: that check next to the map is a great idea and solves something I’ve been unhappy with for a while, I’ll stick it in 🙂

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