Feb 27 2015


The Flash version of patch 1.1 is live on Kongregate!

This update introduces THE TOWER and THE ALCHEMIST—two big chunks of content that’ve been in the works for a while. The Tower is our new Endless mode, a world you can keep climbing indefinitely until it kills you; the Alchemist is a new seventh class who specialises in crafting scrolls and potions. Each brings new achievements and new stuff to fight for!

The iOS and Android versions will be updated shortly, likely next week. For now, here are the broad, spoiler-free patch notes! I hope you enjoy exploring the new stuff, and I look forward to seeing how far in the Tower you can get. 🙂


  • Added The Tower, an Endless Mode accessible once you’ve unlocked 15 Achievements.
  • Each Achievement Rank you’ve earned now gives you a bonus chest in that floor of the tower, so you can have bonus items up to floor 50.
  • Added The Alchemist, a brand new class who specialises in crafting and combining items and inventing new technology.
  • Added Sampling Vials, new items that appear within the Acts and the Tower. To unlock the Alchemist, you must find and use Vials on five bosses to collect blood samples. Alternatively, you can unlock the Alchemist immediately for $5.


  • Consumables (potions, scrolls, etc) can now stack up to 2 per inventory slot.
  • Each class’s “Toughness” talent is now uncapped.


  • Added Alchemist skills “Craft”, “Combine” and “Pistol” to Spellbook.
  • Added six new consumables. Two of them are legendary.


  • High score achievements altered to only trigger on the Acts, not the Tower.
  • “All six classes” achievements for clearing Acts changed to “all classes” (including the Alchemist). However, if you’ve already unlocked these, they’ll stay unlocked.
  • Added six new Alchemist-related achievements.
  • Added five new Tower-related achievements.


  • Invincibility Potion now protects against magical damage (e.g. Fireball).
  • iPhone: Fixed Retina support on iOS 8 (and possibly iOS 5?).

13 Comments on “CARDINAL QUEST 2 PATCH 1.1

  1. Lol you wasn’t kidding about exactly 2 weeks but wow there’s so much new content now, and the Invincibility potion bug is gone so yay. Can’t wait to go home.

  2. Great update, the alchemist is a very tricky class and the legendary potion is crazy lol.

    Pistol seems to be bugged, it will sometimes do 1 and 2 damage when it’s not suppose to.

  3. I’m excited. One question- removing the limit on “toughness” makes sense. But how will the Pugilist be able to increase his damage? (other classes can use whetstones on their weapons). Also, I think the wizard should be able to keep increasing spell damage as well, and spell damage should apply not only to the fireball spell but to the wisps he summons.

  4. The tower will definitely keep us busy for a while! Great work!

    Bushes in the tower do not give the + Stealth – Defence bonus. This is probably not intended.

  5. Great update, I kinda wish the Gunslinger perk was great for the later floors in the act such as having more base speed or 1 less turn to recharge.

  6. Would it be possible for the wizard to bring his enslaved enemies to the next level in the tower, like the ranger brings his dog? That would be nice. Also, I wasn’t sure if the wisp’s damage increases with the wizard’s spell damage, but methinks it should

  7. Making the key take an item slot makes us waste that spot because unlocking the door automatically moves you to the next level. It’s really annoying

  8. What Josh said. Also, as I get to higher levels in the tower, the scavenger starts attacking me unprovoked. How dare he?!

  9. Great update! But I would disagree with Ryan’s suggestion on wizards. Wizard do not need any higher damage.

    I feel that the wizard is a little OP for the tower mode. If you keep killing the scavenger (which is easy with teleport self+stealth), there is a large chance that he will drop a tome of wisdom, which always increases your int by 1. Eventually you can have super high int, and spells will be recharged every other turn. I’m currently on level 62 with int 28, my wizard has iceblast, fireball (a lucky drop from the scavenger) and freeze, all available every other turn, and teleport self every 4 turns, and stealth. I no longer need to move anymore. I just teleport in, then alternate between iceblast and fireball nonstop, and then teleport away. For slightly tougher enemies, I just alternate between freeze and iceblast nonstop, and the enemy will barely be able to move, even those with high magic resistance.

    I can output 4-12 damage every turn on maybe multiple targets, via long distance, while reducing enemies to crawl. Wizard will simply put all other classes to shame.

    I would suggest to nerf the tome of wisdom a little bit (say, no longer guaranteed to increase int), or slow down the effectiveness of intelligence so that high intelligence will have much slower return.

  10. Quick update. I decided to commit suicide by iceblasting myself to death around level 75 in the tower. I have int 30, and I could teleport self every 3 turn. It becomes very boring since i don’t need any tactics any more.

    It is a shame that we cannot run new games without finishing the current game. Maybe we could have a few saving slots? And maybe we can “retire” a hero for some bonuses (say extra treasure chests in the next run) if we don’t want to kill off the character?

  11. The tower has so much potential, a lot of achievements could be added just to the tower. Reach floor X will Y classes would make it more interesting than just “pick the best class”. On the other hand, the tower is just insane and I do not imagine getting to floor 60 with some classes.

  12. Bug report: I started with an alchemist with the gunslinger talent. Some point in the game I used an orb of renewal, and my pistol skill disappear. If the skill comes with my talent, I should be able to keep it after the orb of renewal, yes?

  13. Another bug report: On my iphone, whenever I drank the potion of carapace and later save and exit, I will no longer be able to load. The app will automatically quit.

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