Mar 08 2015


I’ve started getting the game ready for Steam. There’s a fair bit of work involved in this. I need to add support for Steam achievements and leaderboards, I’m going to strip out Morale and add a new progression system… but the biggest job by far is updating the Flash UI to look nice at higher resolutions. It may be silly to want a game using 16×16 pixel art to look really nice and clean on a big screen, but I’m going to try anyway! Who knows—maybe I’ll find a little time to work in some subtle OpenGL shader effects too. 🙂

iOS and Android builds are in the queue, waiting for a good release window. For now, I’ve uploaded a stealth patch to Kongregate to tweak the Tower balance slightly based on feedback and fix a few bugs. Here are the details:


  • Reduced the damage of Tower enemies after floor 20.
  • Increased the health of Tower bosses after floor 20.
  • The Tower will no longer drop “Shadow Walk” for a Thief who has “Shadow Mastery”.


  • Using a Potion of Carapace while already evolved will now upgrade your Carapace.


  • Saved games with an Alchemist wearing “Carapace” no longer crash on load.
  • Alchemist can no longer craft Sampling Vials or unreadable Tomes.
  • If you drop a Tower boss into lava, they will now drop their key on nearby land.
  • Fixed a number of “Clear with X classes” achievements that were ignoring Alchemist clears.
  • Fixed tier colour of Tower bosses on floors 21+.

10 Comments on “HOTFIX

  1. First off am addicted to your game 😀 just wow

    (This is probably not the appropriate place to report potential bugs but) Was playing as alchemist in the tower, got enslave from a spellbook, but the spell only failed (or in a few cases was resisted) every time I used it (had intellect of 20+) (tried using it over n over n over.) Hope that helps

  2. Enslave will always fail if the target has 50%+ health. This is intended.

  3. Sometimes I come across Tomes which can’t be read (“I don’t have time to read”). They can only be thrown at enemies. This seems to happen regardless of whether there are enemies nearby. Not sure if this is intentional.

  4. Ryan, you were probably playing the Pugilist class. He can only throw tomes.

  5. No, it happened to me with the Wizard and Alchemist. And I have read Tomes with the Pugilist.

  6. Another issue (on iOS, at least): When I, as the alchemist, use the potion of carapace and later exit the game, the game crashes when I reopen it and try to resume, effectively meaning I have to delete the save and start again. I’m not sure if this happens with other classes too

  7. Polymorph is broken at higher levels of the tower. The scaling that is applied to minion damage/attack/defense/health doesn’t seem to get applied to polymorphs, which allows you to turn incredibly lethal and durable targets into mostly harmless ones. This is particularly noticeable against bosses/scavengers with pools of >50 health that I can reduce down to ~18-19 and easily dispatch.

  8. I would love to see more NPCs in this game just like the scavenger. Maybe a wandering blacksmith that can enchant your equipment for a fee.

  9. A wandering blacksmith sounds weird but it’s very interesting. I rather have an item doing the enchanting like how patches and whetstones boost your equipment.
    An enchanting item to me would a “Scroll of Enchantment”. Would be tier 4 paper item with the same rarity as the Tome.

  10. Thanks everyone! I didn’t see these replies until just now, but I’m studiously taking notes… The Alchemist’s Combine skill can make unreadable Tomes, yes. I’ve fixed that and the Carapace crash for the next update; sorry about those.

    K: Polymorph really shouldn’t be doing that… thanks, I’ll look into it!

    darkflame/Bison: more varied NPCs would definitely make money more interesting. I’ll see if I can fit them into the next update 🙂

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