Apr 16 2015


I’m pretty much done with the raw, messy business of simply getting CQ2 to run as nicely on Windows, Mac and Linux as it does on phones or over on Kongregate. That means moving on to the next big thing!

The next big thing right now is that CQ2 on Steam won’t be free-to-play. That means no Morale system, which means it’ll need a different unlock scheme. Currently I’m linking each Perk/Gear to a corresponding achievement you’ll have to clear to unlock it. I’m finding there are some cool things I can do here, like requiring you to unlock one perk (eg. Paladin’s “Noncombatant”) and do something hard with it (clear an Act using Noncombatant!) to unlock the next. It should be fun!

I’m not completely happy with the perk system right now, honestly. There are several perks to choose from, but once you’ve found and unlocked your favourite, there’s little reason to explore further. I’m playing around with ideas for how to fix that, like tracking which loadouts you’ve cleared an Act with—and maybe giving each class a permanent bonus perk that activates when you’ve unlocked all its other stuff. (Would that be weird?)

Given those fixes, the game could totally use a few extra perks! I may well add another thing or two for each class in the next patch. I’m hesitant to discuss what the new perks might be, since that’d be spoiling the fun of everyone finding out for themselves… but one I really want to try out is a perk that gives the Wizard a mana bar. This’d mean spells cost mana instead of having a cooldown, but you’ll only be able to refill your mana by changing level or picking up Mana Orbs from fallen enemies.

I’m also wondering how I can balance a starting loadout for the Thief that’d involve Shadow Walk and Teleport, so you could be everywhere at once. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Work remaining until Steam release: new unlock system, desktop graphics fixes, Steam integration, new trailer and stuff for Steam store, add more Legendary items & perks & Tower bosses in a cool update (all platforms)

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  1. While these are all very interesting and have quite given a exciting reason to beg for spoilers while wonder when we can see all this, will you add content for the tower after reaching floor 21+ to lessen the boredom and even add curiosity?

    Like hidden pressure plates for example a sudden ambush or a cursed chest, a reaper-like warden that spawns if you don’t finish your current tier fast enough, or having to fight a human enemy of a random class who’s cause is the same as yours.

    I’m just wondering lol.

  2. Sounds great so far, any idea on what month/season we should be expecting these changes?

    Will we get legendary armor that isn’t jewelry?
    Hopefully we get another magic spell that’s close range but does %int as damage which heavily supports a melee staff user or melee mage.

  3. For the tower, I think all characters need to have some cumulative skill like the alchemist’s “tinkerer” or the paladin’s “consecrate”, otherwise they end up too weak after the 30’s.

  4. @Ryan: I feel the same way.
    Floor 25-30+ is when any of the 5 other classes can just scale off instantly and struggle against enemies.
    Maybe some rare tower exclusive equipment or passive items that increases stats from something like over time or from getting kills like soul stealing.

  5. I would love a Fighter perk or having Regeneration make you regen 1 health every 5 turns.

  6. Rigged’s comment about soul stealing made me think that a whole new class is needed- the anemic albino emperor with a powerful soulsucking sword.

  7. You definitely deserve some profit of this awesome game, so I hope the steam version will work out great!

    +Android bug:
    Casting animal bond right on your dog (the same square as the dog) will make the game crash.

  8. Thanks everyone! the Tower obviously still needs some work. I’m not sure what shape that’s gonna take yet, but I’ll look into giving the other characters a leg up from floor 21 before the next patch. I definitely want to add more Tower bosses and Legendary items—maybe there’s something I could do there…

    darkflame: I’d expect the new perks and so on to come through in July/August.

    Potato: Cheers! I’ll look into that bug right now 🙂

  9. So far in tier 2 I see the Pugilist suffer the most with his damage especially if he fights tanky bosses after he has used his skills, unarmed needs to be unlimited.
    The Ranger suffers even with sense danger and when your dog does massive damage but gets killed easily, dog’s damage needs to be unlimited.

    I don’t know about the Fighter, he can survive and dish out damage but isn’t godly like the Alchemist and Paladin.
    Mage is overpowered if you have the right amount of intellect.
    Thief is always going to be ok with his speed and Shadow Mastery.

    Maybe you could add a new set of end gear weapons that are tower exclusive just like rigged said.

  10. Cheers, those are good suggestions! I’ll look at those as starting points for balancing the talent trees a little better for the Tower and go from there.

  11. Give Ranger a crossbow gear perk and I’ll be in love.

    I hope Steam gives you some good profit and improve your future.

  12. You should be careful about adding unlimited damage talents. You don’t want the game to be too boring by just stacking up health/damage. I know this could help the tower, however you must not forget about acts, which would be affected as well.

  13. Crossbow should do more damage and lower your reload speed. I used to think about the arrow doing critical damage but that would sound stupid lol.

    Potato has a point about the boredom unlimited stats can give to players.

  14. A Ranger perk without the dog that makes you start with 2 spyglass would be nice, the Lone Hunter.

  15. I forgot normal perks don’t give consumables while gear perks do.

    For the Lone Hunter perk, you could make a skill where you lay a trap in front of you. It does 1-3 damage and temporarily immobilizes 1 enemy.

    I hope steam provides you with a better life.

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