Jul 08 2011


Another new track!

modem’s song

Next week is the last week of this contract project. The weekend after that I’m going to TIGJam UK 5, which should be fun! After that I’ll be back to work on my own stuff full time, which will be nice 🙂

Mar 04 2011


I’ve been sticking to 5 blog posts a week, but it’s a tough schedule when you have unproductive days like today so have nothing to show for it. 😀 I’m going to shift down to three posts a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings – at least until the main projects I’m working on right now mature and I can start talking about them.

Here’s a consolation MP3 about sad things that are good things: little pieces.mp3

Feb 17 2011


A lot of people liked Beacon’s music. That’s awesome! Some have asked me where they can get the soundtrack. Well, if you’ve installed the game, it’s already in the package you’ve downloaded:

Windows/Linux: Look in Beacon/Music/
Mac: Right click “Beacon.app”, select “Show package contents” and navigate to Contents/Resources/Music/

If you haven’t got Beacon installed right now and just want the music, I’ve uploaded a zip file of the soundtrack.

I’ve also uploaded my first album. It’s from over three years ago now but I’m still proud of many of the tracks in it, even if they could use remastering with the tricks I’ve learned since 🙂 It’s over here and there’s a Flash player for the individual tracks as well as a downloadable zip. Feel free to check it out! I’ll upload some newer tracks in the coming days – some which are more like my work on Beacon, and some which are quite different.

Feb 09 2011


are rubbish instruments to synth.

So today, apart from blitzing round Beacon’s world in the editor to fix up a load of naff areas, I’ve been wearing my ♫ MUSIC HAT. Spoilers ahead!

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