Feb 07 2011


…have been the order of the day. I’ve been adding a few more particle effects to Beacon and fixing bugs, and I was starting to get annoyed at how platforms you could easily reach beneath you often fell offscreen thanks to the widescreen aspect ratio. So I fixed it. Now, when you stand on a thin platform or on the edge of a cliff, the camera moves down subtly so you can see what you’ll drop down to.

What the new camera does is, it scans the map and shifts up a few tiles when there’s a lot of empty space around and underneath you.  increpare showed me some neat camera tricks at CB2 which kinda fed into this: one effect of the terrain-aware camera is that, when you jump, it detects space underneath you all of a sudden so doesn’t follow you up as much. That’s a side effect, but it’s pretty useful by itself.

I think the game’s almost there graphically now. I’ve still got a bunch of stuff to do but I think I’ll manage to put it out this week. I think you’ll like it!