Feb 05 2011


So what’s that lovely chap randomnine working on? Why, he’s been polishing his second-place LD48 game Beacon!


Back in January I put together a spiffy editor for all of Beacon’s game data. Over the past week or so, in between INCREDIBLE MISHAPS WITH VEHICLES, I’ve been updating the game world to make it that little bit sexier. I’ve also been adding graphical shine because it makes me happy. Up there you’ll see the particle effect for the astronaut’s jetpack and the new baked-in lighting on the tilemap.

There’s a certain irony in adopting crappy retro graphics for the sake of expedience and then spending hours on graphical effects to make them look better, but whatever! I’m going to have a kickass engine for random platformers after this. I will license it for millions. ♥