Oct 03 2011


Having analytics is awesome! Here’s Vigilance’s play graph since it went out on Newgrounds:

It’s really nice to be able to keep track of something after it’s out in the wild. Play count is only half the story though! Here are a few other stats and things:

  • Average playtime is about 15 minutes
  • 15% of players quit during day 1
  • 18% of remaining players quit during night 1
  • 30% of players completed the game and reached the ending
  • The most difficult level was night 1, with slightly more deaths per play than every other night. Guess my difficulty curve was off!
  • The ice rink got over half of all arcade mode plays, probably because of the achievement 😀
  • And: 20% of people who started the game finished it!

I have no idea if this is good or not but I feel SUPER PROUD. It’s pretty great seeing literally tens of thousands of people enjoying something I’ve made. Vigilance is now the most widely played game I’ve ever made by a factor of ten or so and it’s just going to keep getting new players now ’cause it’s up on the internet forever. That’s the power of Flash!

Oh, there’s a little side project I’ve been gradually adding to over the past few months – a simple Starcraft 2 mod for friendly 1v1s, practice and coaching. I did a little work on it over the weekend and now it’s collecting stats on things like how much time you’ve spent supply blocked in the game and how good you are at spending resources. The stat tracking’s really simple but already I’ve noticed holes in my game from it, so it’s a useful tool. 😀 I think it’ll have to get its own page soon!