Nov 10 2011


Man! Skyrim. It’s sitting on my desk, it unlocks shortly… it’s been taunting me all day with its un-installable-ness thanks to Steam, and I ended up reading the manual for want of anything better to do.

Here’s something I found. I love that this can make sense:


You know how sometimes you get super busy and it’s all a bit too much and you actually get less done, ’cause your brain rebels at all the doing-stuff and goes on strike?


Well hey, I get that. Last week was a bit crazy, then I finally got my car back together over the weekend. With that done I drove to the London Indies monthly pub meet on Monday evening, then I drove to Cambridge Indies weekly meetup and monthly pub meet on Tuesday, then I got back here and I slept. Now HERE I AM, mobile and sane, and getting shit done on Cardinal Quest!

Until Skyrim unlocks in 15 minutes. But I digress.

We’re working on CQ Classic still. The buglist is pretty much clean now, especially since jday’s fixed a bunch of nasty inventory bugs with an epic system rewrite, and I’ve been doing some class, monster and weapon balancing (I think Fighter is much more fun now, and Thief is a little more complicated). Watch for an update soon. 🙂