Apr 27 2012


I’ve added some real jerk AI.

That guy on the right is an archer. He’s slow but he runs away from you, staying at range and slinging arrows every half dozen turns or so. You don’t want to run across an open field or fight through melee enemies to get to a couple archers – you won’t make it! You’ll have to use the terrain or flank ’em.

This kind of enemy – something weak  that runs away from close combat and is  dangerous from a distance – is one of the ways I’m hoping to round out the tactical challenges in CQ2. I’ll be using the same model for enemy spellcasters: enemies who hang out at the back and debuff you or buff and heal their allies. Finally I want to mix in some tough, really challenging enemies every now and then who need to be taken on very carefully.

The other major thing I’ve done this week is move my task list into FogBugz, so once I’ve established my velocity over the next few weeks I’ll be able to start showing off burn down charts and predicting a rough release date. For now, at least I’m enjoying racing my estimates. 😀