Apr 30 2012


Here’s something I’m trying out:

It might be a bit artificial but it communicates two key mechanics: you get healed when you move to the next area, and you’re rewarded with gold for getting there fast.

I’m now working methodically towards the goal of getting to a solid alpha version with all of the main gameplay in, from starting the game up to a big ol’ boss fight, hence this essential, structural stuff. Next I’m going to set up a tutorial to guide people around the game properly, bit by bit – so that’s movement, combat, using spells and using items. These are the highest priority items on my to-do list, so down they go 😀

When I reach the end of that list – and there’s another 36 items on there, plus no doubt a few extra will clamber on – it’ll be time to really start letting people see what CQ2 is about. It’s too early to tell when that’ll be yet, but I’ll keep you posted!