May 02 2012


Oh, Fighter. You are in TROUBLE.

(Click through for the sharp, full-resolution version.)

It wasn’t feeling quite dramatic or obvious enough when you were on low health, but you know what? I think I’ve fixed it. 😀

The text on the left is the explanatory tutorial blurb for the first time you get knocked down to dangerously low health. There are four or so little tutorial hints like this, explaining movement, items, skills and so on. You’ll only see them the first time you play the game (if that), but I think they’ll help explain a few major systems people don’t tend to get immediately at the moment.

As for arrows, I’ve just added a proper effect in for them to complement all the archery in the game.

pew pew!

Now I’m off to play Dark Souls some more and see if I can finish it. Getting a lot done during the day is great and all, but I sure as heck don’t want to spend my evening sitting at the PC after 🙂