May 22 2012


New main menu!

It’s a good deal cleaner and shinier. The background’s subtly animated; I’ve spent the best part of today adding in a handful of effects that make this screen nicer.

The rest of the day went on proper widescreen support. CQ2 now adapts to your monitor’s aspect ratio in full-screen, supporting up to 16:9. The only part of the game that now doesn’t handle widescreen properly… is the new menu 🙂

I’ll be patching that up tomorrow, revising the new assets for the 854×480 widescreen resolution. Then it’s on with a minor GUI overhaul: I’ll be adding a “Rest” button and putting numbers by all the hotkeyed skills/items.

And eventually my velocity will stabilise in FogBugz and I’ll have a decent idea when this game might be done. o__o