Jan 02 2014


Okay! Devlog update! What the hell am I up to?

I’m currently trying to beat the game into shape so it can go out on iOS. This means doing a lot of iPhone/iPad specific stuff, fixing a lot of bugs and solving some dull technical problems as quickly as possible.

Like loading screens.

The iPhone 4’s kinda slow. Loading times can be a bit long! A bit too long for the screen just going black to be OK.

Adding an animated loading screen over the loading process would have been easy if I had access to threads or coroutines or could manually update the screen, but HaXe+OpenFL doesn’t have do of this because Flash doesn’t do it. Without any of the above I’ve had to restructure all my level initialisation/loading code, slicing it up into tiny tiny bits until every single bit can run inside a few milliseconds. It’s been a bit like breaking a rock up into sand using only a pickaxe.

I’ve also been doing this in a hurry and without tidying as I go! Which means a whole bunch of my code now looks like this:

I am a bad person.

Just another little thing that probably no-one’s gonna notice and which takes longer than it probably should. They all add up. 😀

2 Comments on “LOADING

  1. I hope you will release Android version together with iOS version. Already completed Cardinal Quest I twice and played beta on desktop. Great games!

  2. I’m super excited for CQ 2. I really loved the first one. But the new one looks fantastic! I will be eagerly anticipating the release. Please let us know when you’re expecting it to be released!

    I wish you the best of luck!

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