Jun 24 2014


Hey everybody! This patch has a few balance changes and a couple new features. The biggest is “Glide”, a new skill you can find that replaces “Haste” and allows you to leap and glide over some obstacles. A close second is a consumable that lets you see a little more about how the game works. I hope you’ll enjoy exploring them both!

The patch is up on Kongregate. The game also has official badges there now, including an Impossible badge for hitting 120k score. Have fun getting this one!

The next patch will be delayed a bit while I wrap up work on the Android build. Here’s the good news: once the Android version’s out I’ll be able to spend some time working on new content, like perks, a unique “endless” mode and maybe even new characters. 🙂


  • Clicks on consumables during spell casting will now be ignored
  • Spells will no longer spawn on top of exits
  • Fixed some glitches in boss cutscenes (especially Act 1’s)


  • You will now gain more Morale from gold and kills on higher difficulties (+10% on Hard, +25% on Suicide)
  • The awareness boost enemies get when wounded has been reduced
  • Some abilities that move enemies can now drop them into lethal pits or lava (where available)


  • “Haste”: replaced with new skill “Glide”
  • “Reveal Area”: now reveals nearby treasure as well as walls and obstructions
  • “Smite”: renamed to “Vital Strike”, reduced bleed effect durations
  • Wizard’s “Ice Blast”: reduced cooldown, reduced strength of freezing effect
  • Pugilist’s “Sweep”: slightly increased stun duration
  • Paladin’s “Judgement”: reduced cooldown
  • Thief’s “Speed Runner” perk: replaced with “Airstrike” (now grants “Glide” instead of “Haste”)


  • Added two new consumable items to discover, “Tome” and “Spyglass”

13 Comments on “CARDINAL QUEST 2 PATCH 1.03

  1. Thanks for the update! I was pleasantly surprised, for example, when using Glide let my character see over the fire terrain in the Act 2 boss fight. It is great to know that you do not neglect the details. Also, you are definitely keeping us spreadsheet people busy with the Spyglass scans of enemies 😛
    Apologies if this comment seemed disjointed (not that an apology is necessary, but I like to cover my bases).

  2. Not directly related to the update, but I’m back with some questions about Cardinal Quest lore:
    -Is Act 1 of Cardinal Quest 2 a retcon of Cardinal Quest 1, or does it take place some time after CQ1? I just played through a Flash version of CQ1, and I was wondering how the two fit together or whether they are even in the same timeline.
    -Did the dwarves who forged the Helms of Hardiness dwell in the mountain (which seems to be a dormant volcano) before Xiatol kicked them out and took their treasure for herself? It would be a pretty good explanation for the storerooms and the magical runes in the walls of the mines, though I suppose that could have been the work of Xiatol’s forces, too.
    -Will any thought be given to expanding lore, or does the mobile-oriented nature of the game prohibit such ventures? If nothing else, maybe Tomes (which I have heard increase your stats) could be used to deliver more lore in the future.
    Thanks in advance for any answers.

  3. Retcon is a good way of putting it, yeah – Act 1 is in many ways a direct remix of CQ1’s content and narrative.

    That really does sound good 🙂

    It’s not really the mobile nature of the game that limits things, it’s that I like to keep things fairly straightforward 🙂 Even so, classes and items both come with descriptive text already so new ones will let me build out the universe a bit more. I like the idea of doing something with Tomes, and it’d be fun to work in some descriptive detail somewhere for the enemies as well…

  4. Hello, silly question but the spyglass bonuses is only available from the current game your playing until you die right?
    Either way, is it possible to add a monster log right next to the achievements in the main menu? It would be helpful in coordination and research for future runs.

    Also you should make a option/perk that makes you go “ankh-less” which would give each class a small benefit, just to have a challenge or more fun.

    Thanks for this awesome game.

  5. Hey kris! That’s right, the spyglass bonus is only for this run.

    An in-game monster log would be cool! There’s a fan spreadsheet where people are documenting things like this, maybe that’d work for now?

    You only get an Ankh on Normal difficulty. Higher difficulties give you a score multiplier and more Morale. Of course, there are other reasons they’re harder 🙂

  6. Hey randomnine, tell them devs to keep up to the good work on this golden game I’ve been waiting for.

    Think ya can add a bargain/sell option to the shopkeeper? Incase we get extra items on the floor or better yet me getting the same run where my fighter got 4 mana potions on suicide mode 😛

  7. 🙂

    I’ve chosen not to allow selling single-use items because I want to force people to use them when their bar’s full. Maybe that’s the wrong approach…

    At least mana potions still give you a speed bonus, so they’re not completely useless to a Fighter 😀

  8. Hey, randomnine, thank you very much for creating CC2. I’ve been having a great time playing it.
    I wanted to report a small bug in the iOS version; the Pugilist’s Uppercut / Headbut skill cannot be canceled by tapping on it again. You have to pause and unpause the game or use an item to cancel it.
    You might have known about it already, but I figured I’d tell you just in case.
    I’m really looking forward to the new features when they make it to iOS!

  9. Thanks for focusing on the android build. I played the game on Kongregate and enjoyed it . . . but my home computer is not where I’ll be most of the time when playing this sort of game. As a (casual) programmer myself, I understand how much work goes into porting a program to another platform, and I figure I should thank those who go through the effort for a free to play game.

    So, Thanks! 🙂

  10. Any news about the Android version ? I can’t wait to play it on my phone.

  11. Excellent game. When will the patch be on iOS?

    I’ve tried playing a couple of times as the Paladin with the “Non-Combatant” option. Some suggestions to make it a little more rewarding:
    1. Find some way for the Paladin to get morale- he doesn’t seem to get much without killing anyone.
    2. Find a way for the Paladin to beat the entire act without killing anyone, including the boss. I suggest a new skill, unique to the Non-Combatant role. Let’s call it “Conversion.” It’s similar to the wizard’s “Enslave” but the affected monster does not fight. Perhaps, like “Enslave,” the Paladin can cast it on monster whom he’s wounded more than 50%. Or, maybe more appropriately, he can cast it on a monster that’s wounded ~him~ (the Paladin) more than 50%. The Paladin could end the act by converting the boss. This would be more consistent I think with the Non-Combatant ethic.

  12. Hey everybody!

    Mistwalker: Thanks, I didn’t know about that! I’ll have a look.

    Zengar: Happy to oblige 😀

    Bewi: Can’t guarantee it just yet, but I’m hoping to have it out this month…

    Ryan: Cheers! I’ll update iOS once I have the Android build done, then start work on the content update for iOS to come out a month or two later.

    A special Non-Combatant skill is a really cool idea! Maybe I can modify the talent tree for the perk and work in a new skill that way.

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