Jun 04 2014


I’m working away on the Android build. It’s running on my Galaxy S now, the UI issues are mostly cleared up, so it’s getting there! I’m starting work on the API integration – leaderboards and so forth.

Still, I’m trying to stick to the habit of updating the game every two weeks with fixes and at least something new. So I put aside a couple days and made Patch 1.02!

The main changes are another round of improvements to the Thief, a new skill to find in the world, two new weapons, and some overdue fixes to the Act 3 boss fight.

As before, the updated version is now live on Kongregate.

iOS players: sorry for the wait! I can’t push a build to iOS without testing it thoroughly, which with a game like this takes longer than I’ve spent making either 1.01 or 1.02. For now, these little Flash updates and the feedback I get from them are helping to make sure the next iOS update will be a good one.


  • Fixed a number of AI issues in Act 3 boss fight where allies and enemies were often failing to attack or cast spells.
  • Fixed bug where game could sometimes lose some progress towards streak achievements when closed and re-opened.
  • Fixed bug where consecrated Stealth/Heavy weapons were losing their weapon type and gaining extra stat points instead.
  • Flash version now ignores first mouse click when regaining focus.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause the game to crash between levels.
  • Main menu now shows achievement rank number.
  • Updated Achievements screen to make room for additional achievements in future.


  • Added new skill “Smite”.
  • “Sleep” effect updated. Enemies that are asleep can no longer block. Instead, hitting sleeping enemies will wake them up faster.
  • Pugilist “Sweep” skill tweaked to balance changes to sleep effect.
  • Thief: Increased base Defense by 1.
  • Thief perk “Speed Runner”: increased bonus to +3 faith.
  • Thief perk “Bosh”: increased length of daze effect.


  • Added two new Stealth weapons.
  • Moved Stiletto later and rebalanced accordingly.


  • Fixed bug where Act 3 boss, Shiurath, did not have a ranged damage spell.


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