May 19 2014


There were a few odd bugs in the launch Flash version so I figured I’d do an update to patch them out. Then I spent the weekend putting in a few new things to make it bit more interesting 😀

The main stuff here is that I’ve added two weapon classes (Stealth and Heavy) with unique bonuses, made Polymorph more interesting, and buffed some weak builds for the Fighter, Wizard and Thief.

The updated version is now live on Kongregate.


  • Fixed extremely rare bug where levels 1-2, 1-3 or 3-6 could generate without an exit. Saved games blocked by this bug should automatically regenerate the level or skip to the next on load.
  • Fixed broken spell targeting cursor. Cursor now shows viable targets and area-of-effect.
  • Keyboard target cycling (default: tab) no longer targets distant enemies for “Uppercut”, “Headbutt”, “Leech”.
  • Fixed bug where Thief’s “Flash Bomb” could become permanently unusable.
  • Locked cupboards in 1-7 can now be opened from the inside.
  • Fixed bug where Teleport Away could break your progress in 1-7.
  • Pugilist’s dodging can no longer move on top of doors.
  • Magic Mirrors and summons no longer drop gear for Fighter’s “I’ll Make It Fit” perk.
  • Cause of death fixed when burning to death in a fire.


  • “vs atk/def” baselines in popups now increase as you progress through areas.
  • Added a text notification when you clear an area of enemies.


  • Polymorph now preserves health percentage, is less likely to return the same monster type, and occasionally generates surprises.
  • Fighter “Intimidate”: increased effect duration.
  • Fighter “Charge” now guarantees a hit on impact.
  • Thief “Dash”: reduced cooldown.
  • Wizard “Leech”: slightly increased damage.
  • Wizard now starts with a hidden base level of Spell Damage, improving Fireball and Ice Blast.


  • Added two special weapon classes with bonuses for specific uses; “Stealth” weapons have a larger sneak attack multiplier, “Heavy” weapons have a larger critical damage multiplier.
  • When you find equipment, it’s now more likely to be a weapon.
  • Added a new midgame Stealth weapon.
  • Added a new consumable item.


7 Comments on “CARDINAL QUEST 2 PATCH 1.01

  1. Thank you so much! Glad to see you’re improving upon an almost perfect game. Party on.

  2. Is the flash version as complete as the ipad one ? And how should I follow you ? That is, I discover just now that there actually is a flash version, followed this website, the indiegogo page, and couldn’t follow the kongregate page since there wasn’t one yet.

  3. Thanks for the update! And an endless mode would really be nice! I’d play the shit out of this game even more than I’ve already had!

  4. Thanks so much, but I was so close to completing an “encyclopedia” of this game, and now I have to make some more Paladin runs to find out what all the consecrated versions of these Stealth and Heavy weapons look like in addition to finding all the other new content :P. Yes, I consecrated every weapon before this update – surprisingly enough, a consecrated Dagger is not nearly as bad as one would expect, especially with the damage increases over the levels.

    Related, but not specifically to this update: are there plans for a magic chestpiece? There is a magic hat (Ornate Wrap) as well as magic boots (Cloth Shoes) and gloves (Woven Gloves), so why not an armor piece to complete the set? I have been putting together armor pieces into sets as part of the aforementioned “encyclopedia” (currently contained within a text document), and this void has been bugging me.

    Again, thank you so much!

  5. Hey all! Definitely planning an endless mode, it’ll likely be ready a while after the Android version’s out.

    rex4: that’s fair, I’ve been pretty bad at keeping this page updated… I post about updates and stuff on Twitter and I’ll post about future releases/updates here

    QuestComm: awesome, good work! A magic chestpiece is a good idea, I’ll look at where it might fit in. I’ve seen some people are working on a spreadsheet of research on Google Docs, maybe you could team up!

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