Jul 28 2014


The Android build is overrunning a touch. The good news is that we’re down to the last few bugs so it’ll be ready to ship any week now. x_x

Here’s what I’ll be doing once it’s out:

  1. A quick 1.04 patch to the Flash and iOS versions. Not sure what it’ll add on the Flash side yet; maybe I’ll make Scavengers fight back! The iOS version will bring the new content over from 1.01 through 1.03, add rumble support and hopefully fix a long-standing issue with iOS 5 (if I can get my hands on a phone!). I estimate this will come through in mid-August.
  2. Patch 1.1, which will add an endless mode and a new character class. I’m aiming to finish this by the end of September for Flash, iOS and Android.
  3. The desktop version! Goodness knows I’ve had to push this back far enough, but I’d really like to get the endless mode in before putting this up. I can’t be sure yet how long it’ll take to set up a nice desktop version and hook it into Steam, but given it’s already running okay in Flash, let’s say end of October. This will be for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  4. After that, I’ll work on content updates. How far I go with this depends on how well the new versions and updates sell, but, I’m planning to add some more items and a few more character classes at least.

The last year’s been a bit of a slog, to be honest. Getting the iOS and Android versions running and feeling nice took way longer than I expected. Joke’s on me – it’s the first time I’d done any mobile development and I really thought it’d be quick 🙂

3 Comments on “PLAN

  1. Been waiting for Android build ever since the game was released on Kongregate. Checking google play and this blog almost daily. Come on already, can’t wait!!

  2. As long as you keep focus on these goals, I can’t complain. I just hope the new content adds more variety and new ways of dying and surviving. Maybe even having a rare chance to find and save a prisoner in act 2/3 or a survivor in act 1.

    This and The Binding of Issac:Rebirth are on my mind especially since they’re almost exactly the same.

  3. I’m glad to hear it! Can’t wait for the new class! v1.04 you should fix-up some of the gear options for all the classes!

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