Jun 24 2015


With 1.15, the iOS and Android versions are getting several patches at once… so there’s a whole load of new stuff to find!

The biggest change by far is the rise in skill tree limits in The Tower. In short: Every time you clear a block of 20 floors in The Tower, you’ll get a free skill point and many of your skill tree’s limits will rise—allowing you to spend more points on them. Cool!

Besides that there are now five new Legendary items to find, better equipment scattered throughout the Tower, and a whole bunch of other tweaks and fixes! Here are the full patch notes for 1.15:


  • Legendary chests are now less rare on Normal and Hard difficulties.
  • Scavengers can now drop different items.
  • Points in Speed will now give diminishing returns above Speed of 25.
  • Damage-over-time effects like Fear, Poison and Bleed no longer break Fear, break Sleep, or trigger Destrid’s Ax.
  • Adjusted effect of Alchemist’s Tinkerer and +1 buffs on percentage-type item stats.


  • Skill tree limits now rise after each block of 20 floors.
  • Free skill point awarded after each block of 20 floors.
  • Chests are now more common in higher floors of The Tower.
  • Equipment will now appear with extra enchantment levels (+1, +2, +3…) from Floor 21.
  • Enemies are now slightly tougher, more aggressive and more magic resistant in higher floors of The Tower.
  • Scavengers will now sell weapons, armour and spells for slightly less.
  • Scavengers may now forgive transgressions (eventually).
  • Adjusted drop rates of different Legendaries in the Tower.


  • Thief’s health reward from “Job Satisfaction” increased by 50%.
  • Ranger’s “Poison Arrow” now deals regular Bow damage as well as poison damage and speed debuff.
  • Ranger’s “Blood Link” now also gives Dog +8 HP. Limit increased to 2 points. (Dog’s basic HP reduced slightly to compensate.)
  • Pugilist’s “Unarmed”: slightly increased damage at maximum.
  • Pugilist skill “Sweep”: slightly increased duration of stun effect.
  • Tweaked Alchemist’s skill tree.
  • Alchemist “Pistol” skill now has recoil. Damage adjusted.
  • Alchemist “Gunslinger” perk now replaces “Craft” with an extra Pistol, allowing you to acquire two Pistols from level 4.
  • Alchemist’s “Powder” talent now has 3 tiers and increases damage faster.
  • Alchemist “Tinkerer” will now affect weapons as well as other gear.
  • Alchemist’s “Tinkerer” will now only enchant to a maximum of +1 per skill point invested.


  • Added five new Legendary items!
  • Upgraded Restless Blade and Weeping Katana (slightly).
  • Whetstone now has a larger effect on high damage weapons.


  • “Polymorph” now generates a monster of the correct tier in The Tower.
  • Fixed crash when using Ranger’s “Animal Bond” on Dog when there’s no-one around.
  • Fixed Ranger’s “Sense Danger” on Tower floors 21+.
  • Dog’s stats now increase properly after XP level 9.
  • Improved spell targeting.
  • Fixed buff on bushes in The Tower.
  • Scavenger will now drop correct Tome for Pugilists.
  • Fixed a bug where very high Willpower could make enemy magic resist go very high.
  • [iOS] Fixed crash when loading games where an Alchemist used a Potion of Carapace.

16 Comments on “CARDINAL QUEST 2 PATCH 1.15: MOBILE

  1. This AMAZING game doesn’t get enough credit! I’m almost a little embarrassed to say I’ve put in over 250 hours+ in Cardinal Quest 2. Def my number one game on my iPhone. Not enough people know it’s GREATNESS. I’m ready for Cardinal Quest THE MOVIE!
    Thank you guys for the updates and the DIVINE work your company does 😂
    ( I’m not worthy 😞 )

  2. Excellent job guys, I give to this game a 9/10, if you add things like bew classes(a pure berserker that can use 2 wepons at once or a lich who raises dead enemies to help him) and more damaging skills for faith, magic and basic(Faith:a thunder like Zeus or a light beam. Magic: rain of meteors. Basic:a wirlihwind or something like hulk smash. If you add this it will be a 9.5/10 10/10.

    The 8-bit design of the game is awesome, it should be hard design it to look well.

  3. I can’t believe you are still releasing patches for this game, but I sincerely appreciate all the hard work! Definitely my favorite game in the Android store! Polished, fun, FREE and now even more balanced. I don’t have much, but I plan on donating if you guys have that option just to show some appreciation. Thanks!

  4. In the mobile version Charge and Intimidate got new icons and probably other skills, when will the other versions get this quality of life change?
    (Old intimidate looked like a hand puppet so thank god)

  5. Yay mobile version is finally out.

    I heard the Chakram can be placed in a slot when using the Combine skill, so why not make it gain a temporary(20 turns) chance to inflict status effects when fused with dry items such as:
    Chakram+Poison powder makes the Chakram gain a 30% chance to inflict poison.
    Chakram+Blinding powder gives a 20% chance to blind an enemy.
    Chakram+Whetstone gives a 25% chance to inflict bleed.

  6. I love this game, I have had it on the last 3 of the phones I have had… I can’t help but to always play it. It’s so addicting. I feel like a mother huge adjustment to to add legendary armor/helmets/bracers. It would have more time I would have to put in to squire those items too!!!! But great job guys keep it up

  7. inspiration just stopped working on my current character. used to fire all the time, but now hasn’t fired once in the last four dungeon levels. want me to send you my save?

  8. I really love the game; like it’s made for me.
    My friends don’t dig it though. When I get some money I’ll send some love to you.

  9. God damn this game is addicting! I love it. And I certainly like my +3 bloody bludgeon with a full fighter attack build! Great job! This game is amazing! Also you should buff soulmancer a bit

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