Jun 05 2015


Every time I fix the Alchemist Destrid’s Ax/Tinkerer combo, someone finds a way round the fix. That means I have to fix it again (but better).

The problem is, I don’t like doing patches that just nerf stuff. So to Zelnaught, Fat__Tony and others, as a reward for breaking the game and making me patch it, here’s a handful of new Legendaries and some adjustments to where they show up!


  • Adjusted effect of “Tinkerer” and other +1 buffs on percentage-type item stats.
  • Expanded the range of items Scavengers can drop on death.
  • Legendaries are now less rare on Normal and Hard.


  • Scavengers may now forgive transgressions (eventually).
  • Adjusted drop rates of different Legendaries in the Tower.


  • Added five new Legendary items!


  • Fixed a bug where very high Willpower could make enemy magic resist go very high.

15 Comments on “CARDINAL QUEST 2 PATCH 1.15

  1. Thanks for your constant work on the game, it’s really insanely enjoyable.

  2. New bug occured: when you pause the game, music will keep playing… before patch it wasn’t working this way.

  3. 5 new legendaries sounds cool and adjusted legendary drop rates sounds like we can find more. Interesting.

  4. Yeah – there were only a dozen or so legendaries before. I wanted to keep them scarce so they wouldn’t get repetitive. Now there are a few more, I can make them show up more often 🙂

    Hukutka: Thanks, I’ve uploaded a fix for that music bug!

  5. A version on android can be great i’m shure that will have lots of downloads. And more dowloads are more money. I’s a good deal.

  6. I am not sure what you mean, Marrades. There already is an android version of the game..

    From what randomnine said, the steam version will be different than Kongregate, iOS, Android. Will there be a “steam version of the game” for iOS and Android? Are you going to call it “Cardinal Quest 3” to avoid confusion?

    I really like some new legendary effects. It’s always nice to see something unique.

  7. I think the thief needs to be buffed somehow. There especially needs to be a way for his backstab damage to cumulatively increase. I just realized that if I want to play the thief in the tower, the best thing to do is be… a paladin. That’s right. I consecrate a hunter’s barb, pick up shadow walk and glide, grab me some winged shoes, and, voila, my stealth paladin is a better thief than the thief himself.

  8. The Windrunners’s buff should stay on for 2 turns after you change direction or stop moving.

    Anyway, I’m loving this update especially the new melee staff and the life saving necklace.

  9. Doesn’t look like the android version has been updated with any of the recent updates on the google play store. Are they going to make it over there or are these updates only for the online version?

  10. Potato: I haven’t settled on how to clear up confusion about the different versions yet, but I’m working on it!

    Ryan: Agreed – I’m looking at ways to improve the Thief and Fighter soon.

    Legend: Mobile versions of 1.15 are on the way too, they just take a bit longer 🙂 The Android version will be updated very soon!

  11. Great game! Thank you for the constant support.

    As far as the Thief dissusion goes. I do agree he needs a buff. but not nessissarly by damage. I would love to see him take a hole new approch to the game. NON COMBAT.

    Getting exp for cleaning a room with-out being seen.

    His one skill DISCOUNT is completly useless.*stuff I may not even want got slightly cheeper…yippy*
    Its NEVER worth wasting a skill point on.

    I would instead replace that with PICK-POCKET so that you are able to steal stuff *like keys, wepon drops, armor etc…* without haveing to engage in combat.
    your chance of getting cought in the act would be based upon your stealth.

    Anyway. Still great game…and free on top of that so no complaints just ideas.
    Great job once again

  12. Just wanted to let you know that the Chakram works with the Alchemist’s Invigorate, which is pretty silly.

  13. I agree with Dustin’s point about the pickpocket option (I was trying to say the same thing before, but not as well). He can get experience for grabbing stuff and not killing dudes like the Paladin’s noncombatant.

    And I know I’ve said this already but I really think the Paladin’s noncombatant would be improved by the ability to convert monsters as nonviolent disciples. He could do this by allowing them to hurt him first and then casting the spell. These disciples would protect him with their lives though they don’t hit back. Also he should be able to start with Glide.

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