May 29 2015


The Tower has been a lot of fun to make! I always wanted it to take the game a bit further, take things over the top. With the patches of the last few weeks adding rising skill tree limits and bonus enchanted gear on higher floors, I feel that’s starting to happen.

My goal has always been to make Floor 60 really difficult to reach and Floor 100 next to impossible, but it turns out a few things I overlooked have had the potential to take players much further—often making the game a bit dull in the process. The Alchemist’s “Tinkerer” talent is the main such problem, easily scaling your gear and turning certain items into permanent invincibility.

I don’t like changing cool powerful things, I much prefer adding new toys and making weak things stronger, but it’s become clear that Tinkerer will keep breaking the game without a fundamental change. So here we go: a little medicinal balance patch to fix things.

Now it’s back to work on new stuff. 🙂


  • Tweaked Alchemist’s skill tree.
  • Alchemist’s “Tinkerer” will now only enchant to a maximum of +1 per skill point invested.


  • Adjusted bonus from Whetstone on high damage weapons.


  • Fixed spellcasting on Magic Mirrors.
  • Altered some things that could be easily exploited by “save-scumming” (reloading a save for a better result).

6 Comments on “CARDINAL QUEST 2 PATCH 1.14

  1. “Fixed spellcasting on Magic Mirrors.” oh thank you, thank you a lot!

  2. The tinkerer change seems interesting but actually changes nothing in the very early levels and then makes changing from low grade +2 equipment (iron boots/gloves of dexterity) to high grade equipment (elite sabatons/king’s grasp) have almost no effect so it’s good for me.

  3. Cool! Yeah, that was the plan: the Tinkerer change shouldn’t affect anything except long Tower runs, where you’ll now benefit from hunting for better base gear to feed it instead of just relying on tinkering forever. Glad it still feels good.

  4. Great 🙂
    What was the deal with the spellcasting issue on magic mirrors?
    And can we expect some spoilers for the “new stuff” :D?

  5. So what does the whetstone do now since it used to just give +1 max damage?

  6. There was a silly bug so you couldn’t use spells on Magic Mirrors (such as Polymorph). As for the Whetstone now gives a percentage damage boost, so high damage weapons scale up better.

    There’s some new stuff coming today 🙂

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