May 26 2015


The last patch was a shot at balancing The Tower, addressing the few truly broken builds and making many more builds viable. Some things worked; some didn’t. The skill tree limits rising went a long way, but builds dependent on found equipment and melee combat were still struggling while spell-casting builds dominated.

Here’s another package of changes to fix that and make The Tower more interesting! I’ve made enemies a little more dangerous, especially to spellcasters, but hugely improved the gear you’ll find as you climb and revamped weapon damage in general. I hope you’ll enjoy the results. 🙂

As ever, the patch is up on Kongregate right now (with a new Highest Tower Floor scoreboard) and will be making its way to iOS and Android shortly.


  • Chests are now more common in higher floors of The Tower.
  • Equipment will now appear with extra enchantment levels (+1, +2, +3…) from Floor 21.
  • Enemies are now slightly tougher, more aggressive and more magic resistant in higher floors of The Tower.


  • Alchemist “Pistol” skill now has recoil. Damage adjusted.
  • Alchemist “Gunslinger” perk now replaces “Craft” with an extra Pistol, allowing you to acquire two Pistols from level 4.
  • Alchemist “Tinkerer” will now affect weapons as well as other gear.


  • Upgraded Restless Blade and Weeping Katana (slightly).
  • Whetstone now has a larger effect on high damage weapons.


  • Improved spell targeting.
  • Fixed buff on bushes in The Tower.
  • Scavenger will now drop correct Tome for Pugilists.

20 Comments on “CARDINAL QUEST 2 PATCH 1.13

  1. Sounds excellent, nice patch!

    Since you are buffing Legendaries, mind taking a look on Destrid’s Ax? Time Freeze on taking damage feels clunky. Perhaps on dealing damage (sounds abusable I guess) / using an ability (yay Wizards) / defeating an enemy (my favourite one)?

  2. Good work on adding more things to the game especially in the tower.

    The one thing that annoyed me was that I needed 1 point in precision to get the 2nd pistol, I wasn’t paying attention and added 2 points to toughness lol.

  3. @Hukutka: Gunslinger got nerfed because it was simply just too powerful, so now it’s way more balanced, still does heavy damage once you get 2 pistols, and the recoil is helpful.
    Polymorph only got a change from making enemies in floor 21+ lose their aura thus making them extremely easy to kill, so that was a needed nerf.

    On topic:
    I like the patch so far, but having to add a point in precision when you have no weapon is weird. Why not just make it that reaching level 4 will unlock the 2nd pistol?

  4. @knosh, about polymorph there is one more problem – yoy can not polymorph Magic Mirror’s minions now! The tower got pretty hard for mage… much more harder than it was.

  5. I did the tower as mage with Ice Blast Fireball, Freeze, Teleport.
    I NEVER used polymorph in the tower and I it was very easy, suicided at floor 70. Those who used polymorph a lot might see a huge difference, but it was never needed. The only difference is that now they have higher magic resistance. That might be annoying, but still with the 3 turn cooldown teleport and mass freeze (if it hits..) the enemies can never reach you. It’s all about some patience, stand back and cast spells.

  6. Pistol’s recoil moves you backwards 1 square from the position of where your target is. It’s helpful as you gain more distance. The only bad thing about the recoil is that you launch yourself into pits or lava but that’s a minor issue.

    Tinkerer now gives +2 stats, I’ve gotten +2 hp and +2 max damage so that’s cool.

  7. @Potato: 70 level is nothing. Try to get 200 with that build… if you can. 😀

  8. Commented on the last blog post but I noticed that you had already posted here so just reiterating Quote
    Hey, I have a little suggestion regarding the Speed stat in relation to the Fighter class. Fighter is my favorite class and my usual play style with it is to build as much defence as possible and make myself practically a wall to enemies. Building the Fighter to have very high attack is also a very solid option. Lately though, I have been experimenting with Fighter builds where you consentrate on making speed the focus. Because of the fighters reletively low base speed, it makes it very hard from the get go to make this stat reach at least 10 when playing the Acts.

    My suggestion to make speed a more viable option for fighters is to increase the base speed stat bonus you get from “Constant Bubbling Rage” bumping it up to +3 speed rather than just +1 speed.


  9. If constant bubbling rage gave +3 speed, then the only thing good about having berserk would be upgrading it into frenzy for the damage reduction. “But berserk gives +3 attack” well attack isn’t even highly needed (except for axes) when you get used to the game and really multiple things offer attack or skills that do damage.

    You could make it +2 speed but it will still have a impact.

  10. yeah I thought about two as well, but I was thinking about the disadvantages that you would still have not just picking a different perk so you get berserk and have the +3 speed and attack going into each fight.

  11. Well the bubbling rage perk is a bit bland, you could add “gain a temporary +1 speed boost from getting injured”. That way you’re generally getting a +2 speed boost for a long period of time.

    On a side note, I have yet to find a weeping katana. I like the change to restless blade but the weeping katana’s change is more interesting thus making me even curious lol.

  12. I reached 700+floor with alchemist. I used timeslip and tinkerer.
    It makes endless timeslip so i cant die now

  13. Max level is 46 and exp is not gained anymore so create skill cant make items
    Boss’s hp is i guess almost 10000+ now it takes 20minutes to kill them

  14. Honestly I feel like Constant bubbling rage could use a revamp. Considering the starting stat for the fighter’s speed deminishes as the difficulty goes up it would be a useful buff for speed builds.

  15. Thanks for the comments and suggestions, everyone!

    Metalocif: I like Destrid’s Ax as is; every legendary needs a downside. Something that triggers when you kill enemies might be cool, I’ll see what I can do!

    Kris: Agreed, I’ll change the requirement to get Precision before the Pistol, since that’s useless for Gunslingers.

    Hukutka: I nerfed Gunslinger because it was too powerful. I’m trying to find the right balance, please bear with me 🙂

    Potato: Congrats! I do think I need to do something about Wizard. I’m trying to fix the really game-breaking stuff right now, but I’ll work on more general class balance soon.

    Kull: I don’t think +3 speed would be right for Constant Bubbling Rage. It has a pretty big upside, since you can fill Berserk’s spell slot with something else and still have the bonus. I’ll see about giving Fighter some speed options when I revisit perks soon 🙂

    uop: whoa! That’s ridiculous, haha. I’m sorry; the game’s not really set up to handle people getting that far. I’m actually fixing Tinkerer right now to stop it happening :p

  16. What exactly is the downside of Destrid’s Ax? The lack of attribute bonus?

    I am not sure if you are aware about how overpowered it is.

    Tinkerer can trigger on it, after (quite) a few floors you end up with 100% chance to Timeslip..

  17. The downside there is that you have to take damage for it to trigger, at least! I hope the 1.14 Tinkerer changes help with the Destrid’s Ax/Tinkerer combo.

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