Jul 07 2015


I’ve been a bit quiet lately, and here’s why: In preparation for launching the game to Steam, I’ve been teaching CQ2 to talk to Steam and getting it to run properly across Windows, Linux and Mac.

My desk got busy!

Technical stuff: I’ve got to hand it to HaXe, OpenFL and Steamwrap here. Getting the game running on Mac and Linux only took a few days each and it’s working consistently everywhere, save for some glitches on an elderly Mac Mini. I’ve even got Steam cloud saves working across all three platforms, which feels a bit like magic.

Linux is still something of a mystery to me though. How do you even test stuff when there are so many distros? I’ve got the game running on clean installs of Ubuntu 14, which 27% of Steam’s Linux users are running. I’m banking on that as a good start…

Anyway! I’m going to take a short break from the Steam launch now to put together patch 1.16. I’d like to go over and improve some of the weaker perks, talents and classes: things like the Fighter’s “Intimidate” skill, the Pugilist’s gear besides Fightin’ Shoes and the Thief in general. I’m also planning to finally add the new perk for each class I’ve been talking about for a while! Yell at me now if you think something needs fixing in this patch—it might make the list 🙂

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  1. Linux is still something of a mystery to me though. How do you even test stuff when there are so many distros?

    The Steam runtime pretty much takes care of that, so you don’t need to worry.

  2. Heya! Two small bug reports to make for the iOS version (experienced both while playing on an iPad Air 1):
    -The banners that drop down when you achieve something in-game are extremely small! Like, minuscule. Can provide pictures if need-be.
    -In the character screen– attempting to click on the jewelry slot to examine the piece of gear you have equipped there just kicks you out of the menu. I did some tapping around and the problem appears to be caused by an oversized detection box on the “x”; basically, it’s larger than the actual button, taking up the jewelry slot and everything upwards and to the right of it (which is great when you’re trying to exit the menu, but not when you’re trying to examine jewelry.)


  3. Intimidate changes? More options on a defensive fighter 😮

    You could make the Pugilist’s fatality talent temporaily lower the defense of all the monsters who were in fear. Since nobody really uses it.

    There was the idea of making “Constant Bubbling Rage” give a speed boost when you get injured.

    For a while I noticed that we don’t have an enemy that inflicts blind, so maybe you could make those battlemages do that but with a high cooldown.
    Or even better yet, make giant bats for the caves in act 2 that use a magic skill that only inflicts blind.

  4. Bill and Liam: I’ll do just that then – thanks, very helpful!

    Mistwalker: perfect, that’s exactly the sort of stuff I want to hear about and fix! Thank you, I’ll sort those for the next patch 🙂

    simple: Aye, I’ll put Fatality on the list to buff. Blinding is also an interesting idea… I haven’t had any monsters blind the player yet, but maybe I should work on that.

  5. Something needs to be done about Pugilist’s Headbutt, it’s rarely ever used.

    Make a holy passive that can only be obtained by getting Judgement, so that Judgement can become more viable.
    For example, Judgement >>level 6>> Sacred Onslaught: Killing a enemy affected by Judgement will use 20% of that enemy’s defense to temporarily empower your weapon to ignore the defense of enemies.
    Enemy had 10 defense = You now temporarily ignore 2 defense.

    Also what’s a good estimation on when we will hit Steam? Fall? Winter?

  6. @Darkflame: ignoring 2 defense is basically gaining 2 attack, so I think “empower your weapon by gaining extra attack” sounds better.

    I hope we get some unique perks.

  7. By the way, I really like the music in the trailer… is there a way you could put that in the game somewhere?

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