Jul 17 2015


All the classes in CQ2 are getting new perks in 1.16—and most are having a few rough edges filed off. I’ve got a good number of those perks and tweaks in now and they’re starting to feel good!

The Fighter’s changes are aimed at the concept of the Fighter as a sturdy veteran. I don’t want to overcomplicate the Fighter class, so these changes are fairly straightforward! The Fighter’s new perk, “Clinical”, gives +2 defense and the starting skill Vital Strike instead of Berserk. I’m hoping this will be viable everywhere and enable a tankier style of Fighter.

The other big change is to the “Intimidate” skill (above). I never much liked how random Intimidate was, so I’ve made it a targeted skill instead. Rather than debuffing and scaring nearby enemies at random, it now debuffs one target enemy and terrifies everyone near them. I’m hoping the extra control here will make it an invaluable Fighter skill for controlling enemy crowds.

Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to buff Intimidate without buffing Charge as well! Charge was lagging behind a bit, so I’ve made its cooldown almost four times faster than it was. That gives Fighters with Charge the same kind of mobility as Thief’s Dash when they’re in a melee, but with guaranteed hits on enemies as a bonus. I’m curious to see what Fighters can do with this and the game’s biggest, heaviest weapons…

The Wizard feels okay to me right now, so instead of a whole battery of tweaks they’re just getting one of the biggest new perks! The new perk “Classicist” gives the Wizard a mana bar, right under the character, that fuels all Magic (red) spells:

Having one mana pool for all your spells lets you do classic Wizard things, like spend your entire mana pool flinging Fireballs one after another until everything is dead.

Your mana pool starts off just big enough to cast two or three Fireballs in quick succession, then grows slowly as you gain Intelligence and put more Magic spells on your skill bar. Intelligence also speeds up the mana recharge rate a little. By the late game you might have 50+ mana, enough to cast eight Fireballs or any spell three times in a row—and Inspiration will extend those casts even further.

If that sounds too powerful, don’t worry! The big downside of linking all your spells to one mana pool is that when you’re out of mana, none of your spells work. Fireball doesn’t work. Any panic-button spells you’re carrying, like Blink and Charm, will also be exhausted by casting those Fireballs. You’ll have to wait for mana to recharge, and if you’re in a tight corner, that might get you murdered.

I don’t know what’ll be best here—collecting Magic spells to increase the mana bar, or picking up Holy spells that aren’t reliant on it so you have something to resort to when out of mana. Regardless, I’m sure there will be Wizards using this with terrifying burst damage. That should go a long way, right? 🙂


  1. Jesus that risk with the Wizard’s mana bar being empty leaves you looking like a slug surrounded by salt.

    I do love the changes, but I always wondered what stat does Intimidate debuff? It would say “lowered offense” so I always taught it was attack.

  2. You could make the MP counter at the lower left corner only show your max MP while making fireball show 10/8 to know exactly how much MP you have and would have left if you used fireball. Same if you had maxed MP then it would show 24/8.

    I like these changes and new perks, can’t to see the other classes.

  3. Utopia: Yep, that’s right! It takes away Attack (though I suppose now it’s most useful as a mass Fear).

    simple: I tried that, but it feels clearer this way… more conventional, at least.

    I’m aiming to post on two more classes on Monday. Gotta keep the pace up if I’m going to release this patch before the end of the month!

  4. Release this before the end of the month? Awesome.

    So how much attack does Intimidate take away?

  5. Hey, love the game! I have a couple requests, though:

    1) Could you possibly look into the loot randomizer? It seems to give a lot of duplicates in each area.
    2) I seem to remember that the “back” button on my Android phone used to exit out of menus/loot prompts, but for the last several versions it switches out of the app entirely. Any chance you could revert this, or make it an option?

    Thanks a bunch; looking forward to the next release!

  6. I was playing as pugilist last night and I knocked one of the bosses (the yellow lizard dude) into the lava and the key ended up in the lava pit, so I had to delete the game and start over. I know you’d put in a fix for this bug but it still seems to happen occasionally.
    The wizard and fighter upgrades sound great.

  7. Utopia: hmm… I’ll make sure it shows the exact debuff in future.

    Anonymous: Yes! I’ll look at reducing the number of duplicates a little, and thanks for the tip off about the Back button—I didn’t know that’d broken. I’ll fix it.

    Ryan: whoops! Sorry about that, and cheers for letting me know. I’ll have a look and see what’s up.

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