1. Is there no Morale in the PC version? Or did you just leave it out of the trailer 😉

  2. That’s right, there are no IAPs and no Morale system in the desktop version. Unlocks are linked to completing certain achievements instead. And just as buying Morale let you unlock stuff faster, paying up front for the desktop version means you can just unlock stuff in the options.

    That’s the current setup, anyway. I really want to respect everyone’s time and money, both on the F2P versions and in this new version, so I might tweak it a bit 🙂

  3. I liked the morale system though :(. It was very well balanced. In one or two play-throughs you could unlock a new playstyle or perk, etc. And I never had to buy Morale, because of the way you balanced it.

  4. So the goal is finally being reached, good job Mr. Randomnine. Now I can hope for new updates soon.

  5. So in this release, is there anything new or it’s just the same game?

    Also congrats for making it this far.

  6. Been hopelessly addicted to CQ2 on android for quite some time now and loved every single second of it!

    There’s nothing quite like truly learning how to properly play a class and what works best with what all on your own. It challenges the mind while having a great time playing a fantastic game!

    I came here truly hoping there was some sort of forward movement with an update or anything soon…but I guess not. Understand you wish to bring it to steam, but don’t lose your loyal followers by not at least giving us some hope towards new additions. It’s been basically half a year since there has been any type of updates. So many things can be looked in to just by reading the comments and reviews of your many players. I mostly just wanna know there is gonna be more to this already amazing game!

    Keep up the great work, and please let us know!

  7. Heya! I’m sorry it’s been almost four months since the last patch. I’ve been busy with the Steam build and recovering from an injury. I haven’t forgotten you though! There’s still stuff I want to do with the game and I’d very much like to do a patch soon.

    Let me ship on Steam and then I’ll see what I can do 😀

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