Dec 05 2015


Okay! Here are the patch notes for 1.17, which is up now on Kongregate and Steam and will be out on iOS and Android within a few weeks (as soon as they’re approved, as usual).

Since the last patch, I’ve been focused on shipping the Steam version. Now that’s out, I’ve got some room to do general patches again! The very first thing I want to do is fix a lot of bugs and make the game run better. This should provide a better foundation for adding new stuff from now on.

Therefore, with this patch I’ve taken a break from the usual pace of new stuff to focus on bugfixes. Even so, I managed to find time yesterday to add a new spell based on this great suggestion from Mistwalker. It’s a fairly complex spell, which is a risk; I don’t want to fill the game with ridiculously complicated spells from the moment you start playing. To address this and let me add complex things anyway, I’m adding a new system of per-Act spell drop rates. I can now make spells rare or link them to specific Acts. The new spell, for example, will only show up in Act 3 and The Tower. This should let me do some fun things in future. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll be mining that suggestions thread as well as comments elsewhere for more new stuff in the next patch, but for nowย I hope you enjoy finding the new spell and testing out the possibilities!

Here are the full patch notes:


  • Spells now have per-Act drop rates and may be more or less common in particular Acts.
  • Improved performance.


  • The Scavenger’s prices now drop back slightly every 20 floors.
  • Changes to spell drop rates (above) mean that you’re no longer guaranteed to find every spell by floor 30 or so.


  • Paladin: “Devotee” Perk now gives a permanent +1 Faith, -1 Attack.
  • Ranger: Dog will now continue to level up past Level 15.
  • Thief: “Merchant’s Pack” Gear will now auto-sell discarded items for gold when stealing.


  • Added a new spell, available in Act 3 and The Tower.
  • Reinstated “Haste”, now available in Acts 1+2 and The Tower.
  • “Restless Blade” will no longer auto-attack allies from melee range, but will still charge to attack from a distance.


  • Magic spells now save their charged/discharged status correctly.
  • iOS, Android: Fixed a number of issues with friend and global leaderboards.
  • Fixed issues when uppercutting monsters into the Act 1 boss door.
  • Fixed behaviour of “Wrath of God”ย during end of Act 2.
  • Fixed crash when killing a boss and dying simultaneously.
  • “Restless Blade” is no longer allowed to kill something that’s already dead.
  • Neither is “Flintstaff”.
  • Fixed issue where spell/item targeting didn’t show the area of effect correctly.
  • Dog has been trained to forget enemies from previous levels instead of crashing.
  • Damage ranges will no longer be shown reversed (e.g. “2-1 damage”).
  • Fixed interaction between “Leech” and “Magic Mirror”.
  • Enemies are no longer allowed to teleport or throw flying players over bottomless voids.
  • Windows, OS X, Linux: Fixed bug where some achievements could locally reset.
  • Windows, OS X, Linux: Hardcore mode now persists across restarts.
  • Linux: Fixed full-screen modes on multi-monitor systems.
  • Android: Improved Google Play sign-in.


  1. Also sorry for triple comment but the dash sound shouldnt share the same noise as the teleport, its annoying, as well as from wisps wisp wubwubwub sounds every turn, its way annoying and can get really loud if it procs three times in one turn

  2. Welcome back, Haste! Looking forward to stacking it and Glide. >:D
    The ability to control spell drop rates and areas sounds like a useful addition that will make it easier to balance spells in later updates. Also, on the new spell– awesome, and thanks for looking at my suggestion! I’m really happy that I was able to contribute, even if in a small way, to one of my favorite games!

  3. Oh god Haste is back, after we banished it and replaced it with Glide. It was too strong for mortal hands!

    Also I like the idea behind the new Devotee.
    Its plain and simple, +1 faith and -1 attack means this perk is purely used for a full holy build and makes getting Bless Weapon a great priority.

  4. In the older versions of CQ2, what was the icon of the intimidate spell meant to represent? It always confused me ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Hey I’m loving this small update. I tried out Devotee and that +1 faith made a big difference than the other perks, I also tried out Judgement and noticed enemies giving me more health than 15% of their current health.
    Some examples: Using the skill on a full health kobold gives 2 health back if I kill it, I do 2 damage and now it clearly has 1 health left, that’s 66%.
    The skill gives 4 health back on a fresh Scavenger, it died after I did 20 damage in total, so that’s 20%.
    Almost every ogre I tested also gave back about 20% of their current health.

    So can you explain Judgement in how much %health it really gives?

  6. Bug report for Android version:

    Floor 20 of Endless, I kill the boss and am standing on the key deciding which of my items drop in favor of key to open the door. My phone rings, I answer it, and leave the app long enough that when I go back to the app it sends me back to the title screen. I click resume game and the key is straight up gone. Not on the ground, not in my inventory, just gone. I cant advance, I have no way to suicide. I’m basically screwed right?

  7. hey i just realised a contradiction, pug cant read tomes, but can read spellbooks? please explain.

  8. On another note, not sure if this has been suggested or not, but what about some kind of “werewolf” skill? Something that grants really impressive physical benefits while active, but prevents the use of other skills, and while the skill is on cool down (which would probably be fairly long) you suffer from pretty serious debuffs.

    Perhaps even once you take the skill it will automatically activate itself as soon as it is refreshed, to force players to really plan on when they engage enemies with physical attacks, and hang back and play defensive with skills.

  9. the items also sometimes appear faded

  10. Awesomesause175, Pugilist just doesn’t care about tomes. He might recognize the spellbooks and their importance, and decide that he should read them.

  11. Ah,i just assumed that the pug was illiterate, since he wasnt smart enough to realise the dangers of melting and sharpening his fists

  12. Mike: Intimidate used to be a person yelling. This and Charge were the first two icons I did, so I’d been wanting to redo them for a really long time ๐Ÿ™‚

    yapos: Cool, I’m glad Devotee is working out now! Judgement gives 15% HP + 1, randomly rounded either down or up. It’s slightly unpredictable, and will give a higher percentage on things with not much health.

    Wyatt: Wow, that’s messed up! Thanks, I’ll see if I can reproduce this and fix it. I’m afraid you’re right that there’s probably no way out except deleting the run, though you might find that the key’s turned invisible and is still on that tile or a tile next to it.

  13. Yup yup, the Pugilist isn’t much of a reader, but spellbooks are all glowy; you’d at least want to look at the pictures.

    Wyatt: Interesting! I’m a little wary of mechanics that shut things down, like preventing you from using other skills or items. By making the game simpler, the risk is it gets less interesting, so new systems have to add plenty of complexity to make up for that.

    A spell that auto-casts itself certainly achieves that, and it’d definitely be something you have to plan around! This might be a nice way to add a Legendary spell. hmm…

  14. @random

    Yeah, the shutting down other skills thing I think comes from my Diablo 2 days… wasn’t that a thing? You couldn’t cast regular spells while you were in werewolf or werebear mode? The whole concept actually sounds cooler to me as a class, but obviously that’s a way more unreasonable request because balancing a new class is always a (were)bear. If it somehow got implemented as a skill I’d be more than thrilled. ๐Ÿ˜›

    On the bug side of things, I was able to easily replicate the bug multiple times.

    While standing over an item if you fully quit the game then open it back up (or leave it long enough that it brings you back to the start menu) that item disappears. All of them, equipments, potions, keys, you name it. I just don’t think I noticed until I accidentally got rid of that key this way,

    It’s honestly not a huge deal, as it’s easily avoidable, but it is slightly inconvenient.

    In case it helps:
    mobile build 1.16,
    Android 5.1
    Moto E 2nd Gen

  15. I gave an embryonic idea for a Stormbringer legendary weapon, but I want to flesh it out a bit (for those unfamiliar, Stormbringer is the soul-sucking, living black sword from Michael Moorcock’s Elric books).

    Stormbringer inflicts a permanent bleedstrike (all hit enemies will eventually die); however, if the player does not get a kill within a certain number of turns (say, 15) the player begins to bleed. Stormbringer will also lunge unpredictably at enemies, allies, and scavengers alike (like restless blade but less controllable).

  16. I always thought intimidate looked like some kind of deranged duck ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. It did, didn’t it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wyatt: Awesome, that’s a nasty bug but you’ve given me plenty to go on. I’ll make sure that’s fixed by 1.19. And weremode does sound fun; the Diablo link is good. I was thinking of the werewolf mode in Skyrimโ€”which was definitely not as fun to play with.

    Ryan: Nice, that’d definitely change the game up quite well. Let me know where you take the concept when you’ve developed it further ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. So glad for the Restless Blade changes. Previously I’d actively avoid it, because being completely unable to use Scavengers is IMO a much bigger problem than its ability makes up for. Also interesting that the different Scavenger system on mobile versions actually lessened that.

  19. you know what a cool concept would be, an unarmed ranger, that would have some buff to the bow skill.

  20. This is STRICTLY for my own entertainment, I’m not actually requesting that a new class be created, but ever since i mentioned it, I couldn’t help but dream up what a werewolf class would look like. Here’s what I came up with:


    A cursed outsider cast aside by the gods who seeks redemption.

    Health: 12

    Attack 5
    Defense 6
    Speed 4
    Intelligence 7
    Faith 4
    Magic Resist 1
    Stealth 1

    Starting Skill: Transformation Active 25 turns cool down 20 turns skill automatically activates upon resetting.

    The Werewolf transforms into a powerful wolf (note that this seems like a lot but look at his base stats)
    +7 attack
    +6 Speed
    +1 Defense


    Tier 1

    Lycanthropy: 3 lvls
    An additional +1 attack and +1 speed while in wolf form

    Guile: 2 Lvls
    +1 Stealth and Defense while human

    +5/hp lvl

    Tier 2

    Blood Quickening: 1 lvl (requires Lycanthropy and lvl 3)
    New skill: Take 20% damage, shorten cooldown of Lycanthropy by 6 turns

    Freakish Transformation: 1 lvl (Upgrades Transformation)
    When Transforming to or from wolf mode, There is a chance enemies will briefly experience fear

    A Taste for Blood 1 lvl (requires toughness and lvl 6)
    New Skill: Gives the user lifedrain for a few turns, but only while in wolf mode

    Tier 3

    Embrace the Darkness: 2 Lvls (requires lvl 6)
    Reduce cooldown of Transformation by 2

    Big Bad Wolf: 1 lvl (requires lvl 6, Freakish Transformation)
    Gain an additional +2 attack, +1 Defense and +2 Damage while in wolf mode

  21. hey, would a quick restart option or hot key be ok

  22. I have an idea on improving cardinal quest 2,I think you can list the usage of the legendaries when we pick up them.Such as the โ€œ+stealth magicโ€of the cloak of shadow.This is because sometimes we find legendaries in the chest but we havn’t seen it before,we can’t know the usage of them by a few words.Can you accept this idea and use it on next update?

  23. joe, hover over the highlighted word, it describes what it does

  24. Wyatt: cheers, looks like there’s a fair bit in the concept ๐Ÿ˜€ Gives me some idea of what I’d need to cover if I can ever afford to add mod support.

    Awesomesause175: Could do. I’ve been avoiding it for the sake of interface simplicity, but there is a feature I’m hoping to add which would certainly work better if you can force a game over. This could be coming soon.

  25. Awesomesause175(that guy from the wiki),sometimes we can’t know the special power of legendaries only by 2-3 highlighted words.

  26. its not just 2-3 words, i think you not hovering over the highlighted word for example hovering over +stealth magic will tel you that poison and magic attacks that hit briefly turn you invisible

  27. also a good idea would be to add enemies killed by holy armour thorns to the morale boost for paladin, since that’s a legitimate playstyle

  28. Long time fan here. This is one of my favorite games of all time, love the direction it’s heading. However.

    The introduction of The Tower is what the game really needed. That said it gets incredibly repetitive and not fair towards certain builds that do not scale too well; thus, boring. There is one exception though: the rogue focused on stealing from the chests. In this case game continues to be extremeally fun, as you are not forced to confront riddiculously beefy enemies. That choice whether to clear the map normally, or just try to sneak/run through is what brings fun to the gameplay. I believe, that this should be the most important feature to add in future updates: alternative ways of getting experience, preferably more than one for each class. Examples of that could include:
    Pugilist: On each map 2 champions spawn. They are tougher, smarter and have a guaranteed random drop. When killed, they cast permament fear on all enemies in moderate range.
    Mage: Spelleater. He can destroy spells in order to gain experience. Increased spell spawn chance. Chance to obtain a random enchancement while consuming a spell.
    Warrior: Bully. On each map there are some civillians spawned. You must find and kill them for experience.
    Ranger: Bullseye. You get experience for lethal damage done with bow. On top of cooldown, the player is limited by the number of arrows, which can be found in small stacks in chest on each map, as well as on the corpses of ranged or magic wielding enemies.
    This may not be compatible with Acts, but should not be too imbalanced in The Tower. Maybe exclusive Tower traits? ๐Ÿ™‚

    On top of that, some of the classes have boring and weak ways of recovering life (pugilist, warrior in particular).

    I have tons of other ideas, but these are the most important one.


  29. I really want summoner/ally classes to be more apreciable, like making enslave better by making it not dependant on magic resist as well as health, and also not dispel-able, and maybe optionally having more than one enslaved enemy, but the cooldown is multiplied by the number of already enslaved enemies.

    a class based around summoning would be nice, it would have bad attack and defence and has good intellect and magic resist, and would start with an xp based skill that would with a skill that would enslave an enemies, with either xp multiplication like above enslave, or just a set limit that could be increased in talent tree. The tree would be based on buffing allies stats and maybe one of the class spells would create random allies, and another would be a mass ally buff, but these are just some ideas.

    p.s i hate the willpower nerf

  30. p.p.s frost blast is bugged in that if there isnt anything in sight it selects you.

  31. I feel like Willpower needs to make a little bit of a comeback. My current run with Wizard (Tower floor 73 atm, going higher), I’ve used spells in a rapid succession, only to have enemies 3-8 times in a row, usually. The Library Guardian things (the golems that stoneskin themselves) are the worst. I’ve had them resist 14 times in a row, and yes… I actually counted lol.
    So far, Thief and wizard are my favorite classes, though I’ve yet to try to play Alchemist, after I heard it’s been severely nerfed. My first ever run on tower was with thief, and I got to floor 67, but I died cuz I got super cocky. Plus, I prioritized the wrong stats. I’ll try again some other time. But, please fix willpower.

    As a sidenote, I’m also thinking of some ways to make some changes… hopefully improvements. ๐Ÿ™‚
    My current thought is for wizard… maybe something like… “As long as the Wizard is equipped with a staff, the Wizard gains a ranged attack, instead of CQC. The ranged attack damage will be influenced by the Wizards intellegence, instead of attack.”

  32. hope it’s the right place to post it, but I encountered what I suppose to be a bug while playing on the android version (so the patch before this one). I had the gunslinger alchemist and I was in the last level of the 3rd act. Here is a screenshot of the death:
    I was right in the middle of the two walls under the eye with the least amount of health, I shot with my gun, and I died because I recoiled in the wall. I’m guessing that’s a bug, or is it supposed to happen with 1 tile long walls?

  33. yeah, the tower lets almost every character get rid of a upcoming problem for example subtlility allows thief to counter that equivalent -0.5 stealth each tower block, if that didnt scale with tower people would have alot of trouble getting back-stabs as stealth would not be countered, previously wizard could get rid of the towers +magic resist with willpower, but not anymore, ow you have to deal with all enemies having 75% magic resist, tinkerer allowed the alchemist to be allow to tolerate the increase in enemy stats by buffing defence and magic resist and other stats.
    BRING BACK OLD WILLPOWER AND TINKERER (but mostly willpower)

  34. oh and to prove my point mother wolf resisted enslave 6 times!

  35. Bug with paladin using righteous fury with purifier.

    Righteous fury clearly still active, I get a hit (which makes righteous fury go away), kill the enemy, and… No morale bonus. I’m not 100% sure whether it’s actually giving a crit on that first strike. Once this starts happening, it stops giving the bonus until I close the app completely and open it again, then works as normal.

    Has happened twice now. Act 1 and act 3.

    Android version.

    I’ll see if I can work out what triggers it.

  36. Great work men!
    Some ideas:
    -Transformations like werewolf or vamipre as a 6th skill
    -Dovahkiin(dragonborn) class with shouts and nordic style
    -Different styles for legendary items
    -dual wielding/weapon and shield/two-handed weapon types
    -Passive skills apart of class skills

  37. I love this game, but I think somthing that would improve it would be a clear/not clear indicator for each level in the HUD, because the one-time “that’s all of them” prompt can sometimes be missed. ๐Ÿ™‚ keep up the great work.

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