Feb 07 2017

State Machine

Here’s what I’ve been working on with Terry all this time: our new game State Machine!

Weird games take a while to firm up. This one’s come together after a year of experiments, and now we’re finding the core: it’s a tangled mess of friendship, automation, island building, apocalypse planning and Good Robots!

We’re very proud of the robots.

Our next big step with State Machine will be our stand at EGX Rezzed at the end of March, where you’ll get the first public chance to play our game—alongside 17 other crazy indies in the Leftfield Collection! If you’ll be in the area, please come check us out and say hi.

We’ll share more in the run-up to the show, so check our Twitter or the mailing list on our site to stay 100% posted. 😀

3 Comments on “State Machine

  1. Looking forward to your next project and others beyond!

    If you ever feel like it, I think a CQ successor could be better monetized and build well from what you did there. As always though: best to do what inspires you! Have fun! I know I have had a lot of fun thanks to you. There were plenty of times when I said to myself “this is easily a $20 game.”

    Such a shame we culturally expect to buy products that offer hundreds of hours of potential entertainment for sometimes less than $0.01/hr.

  2. bump

    Okey no joke, gald to see your next project on screen! A comment at this time point could be awkward but whatever, a mysterious thread of thought guide me here to see new things and I find it. And I like it. Wish it could be a success like CQ and make not only one step forward.

    And about CQ, how to get the achievement “Frugal Spender”? Thinking it could be unavailable because of some update of thief but not sure.

  3. Hi, I have an idea for Cardinal Quest 2, a “sandbox” mode to try builds and train. It would help when you try to find a bug.

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