Jan 16 2017


Generals always fight the last battle, right? I’ve noticed this is often true of people’s creative work. We sketch out territory in one project and map it further in the next. Or perhaps we fence round the territory we’ve seen and colour in the negative space—the gaps left by the last project’s outline. This is how our individual games connect into bodies of work, dots into lines, and how our central themes begin to emerge.

Cardinal Quest 2 was my reaction to the 15-minute playtime games I’d done before. I wanted to make something players could zone into for hours; something big enough to feel like a real commercial game worth money. That is, a commercial indie game in 2010/2011: the era of Amnesia and Recettear and Desktop Dungeons and the Minecraft alpha. That seemed like a high bar but what the heck, right?

CQ2 finally came out in mid-2014. It succeeded at some of the stuff I was trying! It’s a big, compelling game that’s easy to get into. It has tactical depth. Many players get 200+ hours into the endgame and love it, so in that respect it’s a thousand times bigger than anything I’d done before. I’m proud of the work I put in there on the systems design and more.

Where it fell short? With Beacon and Vigilance I was tackling some unusual things, at least; the negative space outside of other games. By contrast CQ2 was deliberately a “safe” dungeon crawler, a little generic, something the incredible Crypt of the Necrodancer threw into sharp relief by comparison. I think this is the main reason that CQ2 fell flat commercially: it was too comfortable. I’ve come to understand the value of a unique concept when making games for other people.


There are more indie games than ever. They’re more interesting than ever. Last year’s IGF was rocked by Undertale, Her Story and The Beginner’s Guide. My personal favourites of 2016 (Firewatch, Virginia, Thumper, Shenzhen I/O and World of Tanks) cover a huge amount of territory. Each explores their niche in sophisticated, considered ways. They’re all developments on previous games in their genres. Whatever you’re into, indie games are getting there and getting better. Every day new games appear. The old ones never go away. Our culture is piling up and up.

It’s amazing!

There’s a fear here of good games being “lost in the noise” of all this culture, but why be afraid of that? It’s exciting! Being technically proficient in any of these fields is no longer enough, if it ever was. Having something interesting to say, doing something weird, is more important than having craft skills. Tackling this is a hell of a challenge and I’m excited about aiming to meet it.

For me that aim means focusing on better, smarter writing. It means designing weirder stuff, newer things, not chasing some imaginary ideal of a “standard game” that’s a little too familiar.

It also means going faster.

CQ2 was in the oven for four years. During that time the scene changed radically. Press and sales outlets come and go. Spend four or five years on a game and the world changes. Maybe CQ2 would have done better when I started in 2011, but 2014 was a different place. It didn’t work, and spending so long on one game meant I gave up chances to try a lot of different things.

I’m pushing myself to make shorter, better projects. I’ve been quietly working on an interesting collaborative project for the past twelve months. We’ll be bringing that out this year. I’ve also got a few short stories/IF projects cooking away alongside it. I want to get back into game jams this year too! I’ve forgotten how to do quick projects, and what better place is there to learn?

So here’s to a faster, more interesting 2017—with better games than ever to push us forwards.



  1. So what should we expect first and when? Spring? Summer?

    It’s kind of nice you have a plan. Hope these new things keep us entertained.
    Yea CQ2 is too comfortable lol.

  2. Huh, had no idea CQ2 didn’t do so well. I still play it from time to time and really love how it turned out, but I’m not exactly a typical consumer either. Best of luck with what comes next!

  3. I am pleased to hear that. I originally subscribed your RSS feed because of Beacon and was honestly expecting more of that kind of stuff. As you put it so nicely quirky interesting little stuff.
    So I am really happy to hear that (imho) you are back on track.
    Hope you will make that work commercially and looking forward to your new output. 🙂
    Yay! 2017!

  4. Thanks y’all!

    yapos: There’ll definitely be more information by Spring. I’m not gonna go quiet for this long again 🙂

    Redshrike: Yeah, I’m happy with that part. People like it when they play it, so I did something right! I think there’s a fair bit I can use in future projects from CQ2’s strengths once I explore some other areas for a while.

    stahlratte: Cheers for the vote of confidence! Sorry this detour took a while. I really appreciate you sticking around to see what comes next ❤

  5. Hey Randomnine
    I’ve been playing CQ2 for a little over 2 years now. I’m so sorry to hear it didn’t do well, it’s the mobile game I’ve played the most and the longest of and I’ve enjoyed every minute so please don’t consider it a failure. Every friend I’ve showed it to has also loved and played it and I feel like it deserves to be much more well known. Thank you for still updating the game and I wish you all the best. You really did make the deepest mobile experience I’ve had so far.

  6. Turn based CQ2 pvp coming soon. Haha joking.

    Thanks for making such a great game.

  7. Thanks Dante! That means a lot. I gotta capture that magic with the next games, just better 🙂

    darkflame: you’re welcome. And I’ll keep doing it!

  8. That’s awesome! Good luck!
    I actually came here to see if there was a CQ2 update or why I stopped getting Heal spells recently, so there are definitely a bunch of us playing.
    Any chance you could “Pixel Dungeon” CQ2 if you are done with it? If it’s open source, there might be a potential “Shattered Quest 2” Renaissance waiting out there somewhere.

    Are any of those indie games you found excellent on mobile!

  9. Dude, CQ2 definitely isn’t a failure.
    The game has a soul, unlike many of the games that fill the app store.
    Keep it up.
    Cheers from Montevideo, UY

  10. One day

    Charge + Shadow Walk/Mastery will do stealth damage.
    The dream 😮

    (This game is still heavily played with the wiki always getting updated, you made a good game)

  11. Wow…I’m shocked to read that CQ2 didn’t work commercially, I actually came on here hoping to see news about CQ3!
    I’m sure you’ve thought about this, but my first though is that it might’ve had a lot more to do with marketing/advertising than the game itself. I’ve played a ton of games in my life (35yo, started at 8yo with an Amiga and played my whole life), and this is easily one of my favorite indie games ever.
    As someone else said, it’s one of the very rare games nowadays that has a soul. The atmosphere is great, the design is great, the music is really nice, the replayability value is huge, it’s super addictive in a good way…I honestly don’t get it, but I really hope it doesn’t make you question yourself in unfair ways; of course there are always ways to improve things, but this is really an amazing game and you should be proud of it.

  12. Just wanna say that Cardinal Quest 2 is my favorite Roguelike ever! Thanks for making it!

  13. Cardinal Quest 2 is also my favorite Roguelike! Thank you so much for the work you’ve done on it!

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