Jan 06 2012


It’s a bold new year! I’m starting serious work on CQ2!

The first thing I like to do on any major project or bit of work is sort out design questions – the real “is this fun, is it interesting” stuff. CQ2 involves a fair bit of new content, so naturally I’ve started with the most straightforward – the new classes. What’s going to be cool and different about them?

Something I wanted to try out was giving the new Ranger class a dog, and what do you know…

this guy is so awesome. He runs around excitably looking like an idiot, he attacks enemies, you can use a skill to order him to run places or attack guys, he heals by himself, and if he gets too badly wounded to go on fighting you can charge up a spell to heal him up. The Ranger’s now my favourite class and I’m seriously struggling to figure out how to make the other classes just as awesome.

Yup. I have added a dog to this game. It has created an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION.

I am now Peter Molyneux.

11 Comments on “DOG

  1. When playing roguelikes, I’ve always stabbed my pets to death the first time they stood in a doorway I wanted to go through.

    And I’m curious, are you the same RandomNine who created Polyfighter 10 years ago?

  2. Chris: Yeah, me too. If you move into this dog it just swaps places with you. No hassle.

    And yes, I am! Canned Tuna, Turbo, Polyfighter, that was all when I was 17ish. PF was really just a buggy tech demo though. Since then I spent 4 years at university and 5 in employment… and now I’m back 🙂

  3. I thought so!

    I remember you once inviting a few people in an IRC channel to play PF one last time.

    I was sadly unable to join, as you told me that Voodoo3 would not be able to run it.

    You were correct.

  4. Will it wag its tail and leave droplets of saliva on the dungeon’s floor?

  5. Can you please make the next class a Dog that has a Ranger following him about?

  6. Igor: I may have written it so you can order it to attack itself and it’ll flip back and forth on the spot chasing its tail. >_>

    nope: I love that idea so much. I might just put that in as an easter egg.

  7. You should obviously give the Wizard a pet dolphin to help balance out the awesomeness you have stumbled upon!

    Don’t ask why a dolphin.

  8. Budokai, it’s obviously because if you eat a turtle, and he tells you to look in your belly button, you’ll find a dolphin in the trees. Don’t ask.

  9. you were wondering how to make the other characters as much fun as the dog. do you have any idea what direction you’ll head with that? I thought maybe a hawk that wasn’t as powerful but was a little faster. or making the wizard be able to see through walls or take control of characters

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