Jul 22 2015


I’ve covered forthcoming changes for five of the classes in the past few updates (1, 2), so here’s the last two!

Design wise the Alchemist is the class I’m most proud of right now, just pipping out the Paladin. I don’t want to mess with the balance too much, so I’m focusing on adding a cool new playstyle. The new perk, “Now Hiring”, replaces Craft with a “Recruit” skill… that lets you hire enemies for money!

Yep… if something’s about to kill you, now you can pay it off.

Assuming it’s smart enough, of course, and not too loyal. The perk’s a little complicated! You’ll have to understand the enemies in the game to get good value, because enemies that are able and willing to negotiate won’t always give you a fair price. Smart, dedicated foes will demand more to take up your banner.

If I’m happy with the Alchemist’s balance,  the Thief is a different story. I’ve gone over how I feel about it before; I think it’s the most troubled class in 1.15. As such, it’s getting the most in the way of big changes—with two new talents, a new perk and a new gear option, all of which should hopefully give the class more character.

The “Discount” talent (that gave 30% off at Scavengers) is gone. I’ve replaced it with a much cooler gear, “Merchant’s Pack”. With this perk you commit to a Thiefy life of stealing, refusing to pay Scavengers money and nicking stuff for free instead. They’ll get angry every time you do, of course!

Removing Discount makes room for two brand new talents: “Flurry” and “Dagger Mastery”.

Dagger Mastery is available right from level 2, and it boosts all damage with Stealth weapons by 50%. If you take this early you’ll be a very dangerous Thief, so long as you find appropriate weapons. Or maybe it’s something you’d choose situationally, if you find an awesome dagger. Either way, this is a big damage bump and a strong emphasis on Stealth weapons.

If Shadow Mastery is about playing a stealthy backstabbing Thief, its alternative “Flurry” is about getting in people’s faces and cutting them until they fall down. Take Flurry and your critical hits (including backstabs) will cripple your enemies for a while, lowering their Defense. While that enemy’s crippled, further critical hits against it will do double damage. Whether you set up rapid chains of sneak attacks or launch aggressively into melee, Flurry rewards aggressive play with critical damage that can take out bosses in a few hits.

With all of that to revitalise the Thief’s core gameplay, I’m making the new perk a distinct challenge mode. With “Ghost Run”, you get XP for opening chests instead of killing enemies. The challenge is to sneak past enemies to find those chests! There are fewer enemies around, but every time you get into a scuffle and injure one it’ll sound the alarm and bring tougher reinforcements into the level. You’d best leave them alone—unless you can guarantee a quick kill…

The very last Thief tweak is taking advantage of the way items stack now: you’ll get two Scrolls of Find Treasure when you start the game, not just one. Happy treasure hunting, I guess!

That wraps up the class changes. I’ll go over a few general item and rules tweaks on Friday, take a few days to actually test and balance all this stuff, then look at getting it out to you ASAP. 🙂


  1. I like how the archer closest to the Alchemist needs 10 more gold than the other archer, is it because the closest archer probably has more health or damage?

    That Flurry talent is literally perfect, the Thief will have so much variety now, it makes Airstrike and even Bosh look powerful, and daggers won’t need to be purely “shadow walk” weapons. These were really creative ideas.

  2. Honestly these were very cool for all the classes, but the Thief change invites the “pure speed” combat that benefits daggers and thankfully swords.

    That Alchemist perk though….that’s just fun lol. They don’t follow you to the next floor right?

  3. These updates sound amazing. The Alchemist’s bribe talent sounds like a lot of fun. I still think the Paladin could benefit from a talent allowing him to convert monsters to his religion, especially in noncombatant mode where he could gain experience by turning fearsome creatures into hippies.

  4. You should make a hotkey that allows you to switch skills, Also the Pugilist’s perk I Travel Light stats you can’t use weapons when the Pugilist overall can’t use weapons anyway.

    So far I’ve been loving these updates, the thief has more options now and daggers won’t be used for their stats or purely for the Shadow Walk combo.

    Also…what’s the purpose of the Pugilist’s perk Fighting Words? I can only see it good for the Stone Skin skill.

  5. I travel light disables not only weapons, but also head and chest armor.

  6. That’s the point, the Pugilist already can’t use weapons so why would a perk already state that? It’s just a typo that needs to be fixed and could confuse new players lol.

  7. Glad y’all like the Thief stuff. I ended up playing and tweaking the Thief perk today instead of doing the other work I had planned! It’s like balancing a whole different game, but it’s totally going to be worth it.

    simple: Yep, I’d guess that archer has more health.

    darkflame: I’d hoped to have an answer for that question today, but I’ll have to get to it tomorrow… :3

    Ryan: Hey, that could be neat—like a permanent “Pacify” spell that turns enemies non-hostile? Maybe it’d work as a new Paladin gear option… I’ll have a think about it.

    Amina: Sure, I’ll clarify the “I Travel Light” description. As for Fighting Words, the point is flexibility—you never know what skills you’ll find, and this lets you make better use of Magic if it shows up. What do you mean by switching skills with a hotkey?

  8. In my opinion, whether or not Pacify is made, the “perk” for Paladin which swaps his short sword for a holy staff should be changed to a gear option instead seeing as it ONLY modifies your equipment

  9. PS: I think Anima means a way to swap the skills on your skill bar about, in case you feel a different order is more comfortable

  10. Awesome. Can’t wait to play around with these changes– the Thief and Pugilist especially.

    On the Alchemist’s perk: Maybe the paid-off monsters follow you to the next floor, but extract some percentage of their original hiring fee from you? If you haven’t got it, they rough you up. >:)

  11. Hey randomnine- in case you didn’t see it earlier, here are my full thoughts on the noncombatant pacify spell:
    I propose this: Instead of his holy armor, the noncombatant gets a skill called “Preach by Example” or maybe “Martyrdom”. Any monsters that wound the paladin are potentially susceptible to this. When the noncombatant uses this skill, all monsters who have wounded the paladin have a chance (maybe 50%) of becoming his disciples. Unlike enslaved or charmed monsters, they don’t fight, but allow themselves to be martyred by their fellow monsters, possibly buying the paladin some time. Bosses that are converted drop their keys, which allows the paladin to pass without killing anyone.

    This keeps the noncombatant challenging because A. it only works if he gets hurt, and even then it doesn’t always work and B. it incentivizes getting wounded by as many monsters as possible. In fact I don’t think this will really make noncombatant easier, just a little more strategically interesting.

  12. Or maybe a better name for the spell would be “turn the other cheek.”

  13. Hey! Yeah, I just saw that—you’re right, it’d be interesting to give Paladin tools like that in Noncombatant. I’ll look at it for a future patch.

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