Feb 26 2016


As I write this I’m mainlining liquid paracetamol to keep this cold in check. I’ve been ill three times this year so far? That’s what I get for going outside and collaborating with humans but it’s totally worth it and I’m optimistic my immune system will catch up to 2016 eventually.

The new project with Terry is going well, a wonderful mess of survival and learning to program, and I’m excited to to get to the point where we can show off more as it comes together. I’m not too familiar with survival games though, so I’m trying to play more and get to know them. 🙂 What are your favourites?

(Yes, we’re still looking for alpha testers – mail me if you’d like to be on the list!)

As soon as this cold clears up, I’ll be taking a few days to make Cardinal Quest 2 patch 1.18. This will mostly be a bugfix patch to clear up a half-dozen things that need attention, but I’ll see about putting some neat things in for fun as well! I’ll be uploading 1.18 to Steam and Kongregate next week, then iOS and Android a week or two later as they’re approved. I’m currently trawling comments, the Steam forums and Kongregate to make sure I’ve got a good list of what needs fixing. If there are any issues you’ve noticed that you haven’t seen mentioned yet, let me know over the weekend and I’ll see about fixing them in the patch. 

19 Comments on “PLANS

  1. Would it be a bad idea to give the Kobold Chieftain and the Guard Captain an additional skill?
    Reaching these two bosses on floor 4 might be a challenge but reaching floor 8 can actually kill you if you mess up, then seeing those 2 bosses again in floor 24 and beyond just makes them not even feel like bosses.

    The Kobold Chieftain could use Magic Mirror or rally other Kobolds (just like the wolves’s howl) and give a small buff.
    The Guard Captain always seems to do 1 damage at floor 4, so he should use a pistol(with no knockback so he doesn’t fall into the lava) or use vital strike that inflicts bleed.

    Speaking about the pistol, can you make the Gunslinger perk allow you to get rid of the Combine skill whenever you want?

  2. As much as I would like to agree with the combine idea, you could just make the bullet cause enemies to stagger, making them not move for 1 turn.

    If the idea of removing combine goes through, then people would ask the same thing about starting skills on other classes especially for the ranger.

  3. No idea why you guys are talking about the Gunslinger perk, but I think making enemies stagger from pistol sounds good. Just make the powder talent cause the stagger, such as each rank making the pistol have a 10% chance to make enemies stagger.

    There’s a bug with the hotkey for switching targets that’s probably been around for a while, it can ignore enemies that can even be in point blank range and they only be selected by moving the cursor.

  4. oh yeah i keep forgetting about that bug

  5. Occasionally when multiple wisps attack the same target the game crashes. Since NPC movements happen so fast, it’s impossible for me to tell what the exact condition is that causes this, but I *think* getting hit by 2+ fireballs and a teleport enemy does it.

  6. Ok how about we just get rid of Combine from Gunslinger then? You only use that skill to combine worthless drops but at the same time you have 6 slots and you’re ranged so it’s rarely needed usually at level 4+.
    I see no harm in doing that.

  7. rigged: Giving the early Tower bosses new skills later on is an excellent move. I’ll have a go!

    Giving Pistol and Powder a small chance to stagger could be fun, could be overpowered. I’ll try it out and see what I think 🙂

    I’d rather keep Combine in every Alchemist build – it’s what makes the class special, even if means having fewer slots for combat skills. Perhaps there’s something I can do to get Gunslingers more items, or a nice high-tier item I could add that’d be worth making…

  8. random, how about not locking the skill in, so you start with the skill, but it can be replace.

  9. Random, could you add a perk for the Paladin?
    Dark Paladin – Does not suffer Mana Burn. (also uses the sprite of the NPC Dark Paladin)

  10. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, but the mobile version’s start button isn’t properly wrapped to the button’s image. You have to press the top left corner of the button to start a new game.

  11. Antivenom can sometimes not prevent poison from hurting you on the turn it was inflicted on you, resulting in you unavoidably taking 1 damage.

  12. MeesterLeon: I’m having trouble finding the start button issue. Could you let me know what device you’re playing on? And is it the New Game button on the main menu that’s the problem, or the difficulty select button to start a game once you’ve chosen a character? Thanks!

    Kris: Interesting, I’ll fix that 🙂

  13. Dark Paladin! Wooo!

    Regarding Leon’s issue, I’ve experienced the same or similar. When trying to select ‘Suicide’ for the difficulty, it only seems to work if I tap the small area between the top of the two ‘i’ characters. I’m on Android if that matters.

  14. Sidney: Thank you, that’s exactly what I needed to find the bug! I’ve made the fix now and it’ll be in the next update 😀

  15. My initial goal was to build a fairly linear Metroidvania type game where you d explore and then get to an exit. I figured I d come up with a narrative using the theme within that game structure once I d started.

  16. Hello, I have enjoyed playing CQ2.
    When I run the game while listening to iphone music, the music stops.
    I want to listen my iphone music when I playing CQ2.
    Please fix this problem.
    Then I will really appreciate to you.
    My iphone is 6s that version is iOS 9.2.1.
    Please fix it. 🙂

  17. It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks


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