Mar 07 2016


I’ve fixed lots of bugs! I’ve fixed allies starting in treasure closets on 1-7. I’ve fixed a thing where poision could get past Antivenom for half a turn before it caught up. I’ve fixed Wisps crashing the game if two if them kill the same enemy at the same time. I’ve fixed items sometimes spawning invisibly a while after an invisible enemy dies, which was a weird one. I’ve fixed a bug on iOS and Android that could permanently destroy the item you were looking at if you switched app while the “Found Item” screen was up.

What a mess!

Now the bugs are fixed, I have time to do fun things! Like this:

I’m going to take a few more days for fun things. Patch 1.18 will be up on Steam and Kongregate before the weekend, then iOS and Android soon after.

13 Comments on “METABOLIC

  1. oh did someone suggest that item, its cool and also looks cool.

    i wanted to suggest a cool idea myself, marking.

    marking would be an effect like charm that would have allies and/or enemies prioritise the marked unit over other units aka if used on an ally, all enemies would target them, ignoring more fragile targets, and if used on an enemy would cause allies to target that enemy over others. two spells i can think of that could use this effect would be a self applied buff that would mark you and increase defence, the animal bond skill could also do this and the come at me skill.

  2. Could you do something about the “Close Quarters Ranger” perk, it just feels lackluster.
    Like maybe you could make the Ranger do a stealth takedown from 2 squares, or give the Ranger 2 throwable knives.

  3. kris, a good idea would give him charge, which i hope will deals back stab damage in the new update

  4. The Close Quarters perk is bad because it cripples your bow, but doesn’t overcome the Ranger’s horrible melee stats. +1 stealth and +1 def isn’t enough when your base def is 7, speed is 5, and health is 12.

    Maybe if the perk gave +1 stealth, +2 def, +1 speed, and made Toughness give +6 HP instead of +5?

  5. It’s suppose to make your bow bad, its Close Quarters lol.

    I say it should have a stealth mechanic other than a stealth takedown, however the dog would ruin that. The perk works great with bushes+Sense Danger.
    Maybe a smoke screen skill would work, just like Xiatol’s fire, it would block sight.

  6. Mike: Yep, all buffs/debuffs except for terrain effects. I hope that’ll lead to some interesting things!

    Awesomesause: marking is neat, I can see it being useful in larger fights when you have more allies. At the moment, you usually fight alone; if classes with more allies turn up I’ll give this a go.

    hmm, Close Quarters could definitely use some love. Adding new rules for it would delay the patch, but maybe I can sneak in a quick buff…

  7. “fighting alone” except for dog, wisps charmed enemies, paid enemies and enslaved.

  8. If you’re going to improve the game further, maybe you could re-balance the legendary items. I know I’m disappointed if a legendary chest contains a Scroll of Nova, Windrunners, Lovers Necklace or Restless Blade (even though Restless Blade is fun).

  9. yeah the legendaries are incredibly meh for how rare they are even with archaeologist

  10. Legendary items are decent or good in the Acts. Mostly not so in the tower.
    The largest problem is the inability to upgrade your items in the tower. No matter how nice that legendary katana is, anyone but the Tinkerer has to toss it after a few blocks, with little to no prospect of getting another. Or a worse: anything that’s not a weapon or body armor. Literally everything must be thrown away after a short time, and replacements are scarce. Maybe just a rarity fix if you don’t want to deal with the upgrade/scaling issues?

    Now to specific items.

    Bleeding effects should be proportional to damage dealt, as should poison powder. Sparks should be proportional to damage dealt. That would help two legendaries suck less, or maybe even be very cool.

    Lover’s necklace could use some love. Second chance is great, but the charm effect is hardly even marginally useful. Mostly I want to charm only on purpose, and not be hit to do it. It is arguably better than nothing for ranged characters, but most non-legendaries are still preferable in this valuable slot. And that’s not good.

    The cloak is cool for those trading blows, for slight improvement of accuracy/total damage. Costs speed and defense in a game where healing is rare. Counter-intuitively, it’s useless to stealth characters. They don’t need more ways to run away, and that’s all it is to them.

    Windrunners are OK for Tinkerer Alchemist but must be quickly tossed in exchange for speed with anyone else. The effect is very cool conceptually but in practice it is mostly good for running away or committing suicide over pits. Maybe at least protection from pits for it? Then it won’t end your run, even if if remains sub-optimal compared to most footwear.

    Destrid’s axe is a very important slot given to something that relies on getting smacked, and rarely works. Higher percentages? There is not even a second chance gained to compensate like the necklace.

    Restless blade back-stabs, doesn’t it? That’s enough imho. Also falls into the fun/challenge category which makes its strength of little importance.

    Legendary consumables are fine. The problem is that legendaries are far too rare in the tower, so they feel like a gimp when you are hoping for something better.

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