May 31 2016


Working on secret things is hard! I don’t get to ramble about them.

A lot of game development is, basically, spoilers. We spend thousands of hours making games that are just a few hours long. This is a crazy time ratio, but it’s part of what makes games (and books, and films, and so on) so powerful.

Much of the joy of playing these games comes from exploring the physical and mechanical spaces to see what you can find. Something like a cool five minute sequence at the end? That might have taken weeks to get right. It would have felt much less awesome to see an unpolished version in a dev journal, gradually being refined over weeks or months into something that worked.

Late in CQ2’s development, I was putting lots of time into boss battles and late-game environments. That wasn’t stuff I could write about. Sometimes we spend ages setting up these fun surprises, and sharing details would kind of ruin it—like texting someone updates on preparations for their surprise birthday party.

Similarly, the new project is taking shape—I’m getting excited!—but it’s just too soon to share everything, which is frustrating. I think you’ll enjoy the reveal when we get there!

Over in CQ2 land, I’ve collected enough bug reports to put together a little update. I’m going to spend the next few days on that and aim to push out version 1.19 around the weekend. I’ll see what balance fixes and new features I can squeeze in and keep you posted. 💙

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  1. hang in there man! you have fans interested in seeing whatever you come up with! we await any news and thanks for the continued updates to this awesome little game!

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