Jul 28 2015


There’s a lot of new stuff in the patch! We’re currently running through and making sure it all works. Some of the new things didn’t feel as nice in practice as they should, so I’m doing some last-minute fixes:

  • The Paladin’s “Mania” spell (from the new perk) didn’t feel good enough to warrant losing a core spell and taking Magic Burn every time you cast it. It’ll now force the target to critically damage itself as well as its allies, so you get to inflict lots of damage.
  • I’m adjusting the way loot drops so that equipment won’t repeat as often. (Cheers Anon for the suggestion!)
  • I’m overhauling ally AI. Now that allies follow you from level to level, ally play is much more viable—and that means it needs to be fun! Allies weren’t acting in a very pleasant way; they tended to go off and do their own thing. I’ve made them follow you more closely, so now you can really lead your army and keep them safe.
  • Having allies means you get to see a lot of NPC-on-NPC combat. However, they weren’t necessarily equipped to deal with it. I’ve updated NPC AI so that characters with a high Intelligence rating will pick better targets—prioritising fragile ranged enemies. This works both ways! If you recruit a mage, they’ll snipe archers for you. However, smarter enemies will go straight for your mage. You’ll have to protect the squishier recruits a little.

Everything’s finally settling into place. I’m planning to release the update to Flash on Thursday evening, then get it into the update queue for iOS and Android before the weekend. 🙂


  1. I’d like to suggest adding in two new pieces of legendary weaponry:
    A mace that does +knock back (maybe with minuses to the attack rate), and a Magic Wand which gives the user +inspiration (but only does 0-1 damage)

  2. Another thing; the elementals and the mirrors (and I suspect the wisps, too) don’t level up when reaching the next tower block.
    That renders the mirror+polymorph combo ineffective. Or the wisp+polymorph, for that matter.

  3. I’m not sure if this is already happening, but does wisp spell damage increase with the wizard’s spell damage? If it doesn’t, I think it ought to. On the other hand, if I can travel through floors with hordes of wisps as shown in the photo, this might be overpowered…

  4. Feezajeez: wow, those are cool item ideas! I’ll have a think whether they fit in best as Legendary weapons or as something else.

    The Wisps don’t improve with spell damage; the idea is you just snowball more and more. I’ll have a think about making Wisps and Mirrors improve in Tower tiers!

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